Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 23

,A Man Like None Other

Right at that moment, a car was slowly driving past them. One of its windows rolled down, and they
saw that it was Jared. He was smiling mischievously while staring at the three of them. “Jared? Isn’t
that Jared in the car?” Warrick was the first person to notice that. By then, Sandy and Juliette had also
seen him. Sandy was furious when she saw the expression on Jared’s face. “How did that brat enter?
Those security guards are useless!”

“Could it be that he’s really a resident here? It was a security guard that was driving them in!” Juliette
furrowed her brows in confusion. “And they are driving up the mountain! Could it be their mansion is
located at a higher point than yours, Sandy?” Warrick’s eyes were glued onto the car as he saw it travel
further up toward the mountain top. “That’s impossible! Jared could never afford it. I know how his
family is doing financially.”

Sandy refused to believe what was happening before her eyes because she knew Jared’s financial
situation best. “Could it be that the mansion was given to him by the Sullivan family? I’ve heard it from
Mr. Sullivan that Jared had saved his life before!” Juliette speculated further. “That could be it!” Warrick
nodded. “What sheer luck he’s having! If he didn’t just so happen to have saved Mr. Sullivan’s life, he
would’ve died in Glamor Hotel earlier!”

Sandy was utterly dissatisfied. She gritted her teeth as she opened the car door and said, “Let’s follow
them and see for ourselves!” She was eager to find out if Jared had really gotten himself a mansion in
Dragon Bay. As Sandy’s Mercedes-Benz followed closely behind, they were heading straight toward
the mountain top. “This… This can’t be possible! Could Jared really be heading toward the most
expensive mansion?”

Juliette was getting anxious when she saw that Jared’s car wasn’t stopping yet. “It can’t be. That
mansion on the mountain top is worth at least a hundred million. Jared wouldn’t be able to afford it
even if his whole family were to slave for their whole lives. Besides, why would the Sullivan family be as
generous as gifting him a mansion worth a hundred million?” Warrick refused to believe it as well.
Eventually, they arrived at that mansion they had mentioned earlier.

Sandy’s Mercedes-Benz was stopped by one of the security guards. “Hello, Miss. You’re not allowed to
go any further. This is private property.” Jared knew that Sandy and the others were following behind.
So when he saw that they were stopped, a cold smirk appeared on his face. When Jared and his
parents arrived at the mansion, it was surrounded by clouds of thick fog. The scenery was
breathtaking. Both Jared and Gary were astounded by what they saw.

And although Hannah couldn’t see, she could feel the fresh air in the surrounding. The security guards
proceeded to help Jared bring their luggage into the mansion. Before they left, the captain apologized
to Jared again. “Mom, you’ll be staying here with Dad from now on. The environment is splendid here.
It’s good for you!”

Jared was holding onto Hannah as he brought her into the mansion. Gary was stunned when he
walked into the mansion. He had never seen such luxury in his life! Realizing his mistake, Gary
intended to apologize to Jared.

But no matter how hard he tried, his pride wouldn’t let him. After a short tour around the mansion, Jared
wanted to show them the surroundings. “Mom and Dad, let’s go have a look outside. You should get
familiarized with the place. Otherwise, you’d get lost in no time!” “All right!

Since I can’t see, describe everything to me so I can feel it!” Hannah exclaimed with a bright smile on
her face. “Mom, don’t worry. I’ll get your eyes fixed!” Jared then brought his parents for a tour around
the mountain top while treating their eyes to the magnificent view.



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