Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 90

Upon Troy’s confirmation, the room turned lively. Everyone started to indulge in food and alcohol
because they knew that Troy was going to pay. On the other hand, Troy was praying for Jared to show
up. If he doesn’t come, I might be broke by the end of the night! Still hungover, Zayne was lying down
on the couch while Maria massaged his temple gently. Although he felt better, his head was still

“Guys, if Jared does show up later, I want all of you to try to get him drunk. Whoever succeeds, his
monthly bonus will be doubled,” Zayne declared. Everyone was jumping for joy when they heard about
the extra monthly bonus. “Don’t worry, Mr. Carlson. I’ll make sure he gets drunk!” “If he dares to come,
he’ll get so drunk that he won’t be able to find his way home!” Everyone was excited at the prospect of
getting the extra monthly bonus.

Although Troy wouldn’t try to get Jared drunk, he was tempted by the reward. While everyone was
having the time of their lives, the door to the private room was pushed open. Jared and Hilda had
arrived. Everyone was startled by their arrival. Although they were surprised that Jared eventually
showed up, they were keener on the lady he’d brought along. Most of the men in the room were
captivated by Hilda’s beauty.

Zayne, who was still hungover just a minute before that, suddenly got up from the couch and stared at
her with his bewildered eyes. Although Maria was pretty, she didn’t have the desirable aura Hilda
possessed. Despite having worked as an exotic dancer, Hilda had an innocent look. “Jared, I thought
you’d be too stingy to come!” Zayne took a glance at Jared before shifting his gaze toward Hilda.
“Who’s this lady?”

“Hi, everyone, I’m Hilda Wallace. I’m Jared’s neighbor. I hope I’m not intruding!” Hilda introduced
herself politely. “You’re absolutely not!” “Come! Come sit next to me!” “Here! Have some fruits!” The
men were throwing themselves at Hilda while ignoring Jared. Zayne then cleared his throat and said,

“Hi! I’m Zayne Carlson, Jared’s manager.” The moment Hilda heard that Zayne was Jared’s manager,
she reached out her hand nervously and greeted, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Carlson.”

“Nice to meet you too!” Zayne’s eyes glittered when he shook hands with Hilda. Everyone in the room
saw how attracted Zayne was to Hilda. Maria was utterly infuriated. “Where do you work, Ms.
Wallace?” Zayne asked with a bright smile on his face. He definitely didn’t notice that Maria was
already glaring at him. “I-I’m jobless now,” Hilda answered awkwardly. Upon hearing that, the smile on
Zayne’s face grew even wider.

He then took out his name card and exclaimed, “Here’s my name card, Ms. Wallace. Come work with
us if you’re interested!” “Really?” Suddenly, Hilda’s eyes widened. “Of course! I’m a departmental
manager. I have a say in recruitment!” Zayne was filled with pride. “Zayne Carlson!”

Finally, Maria couldn’t take it anymore and shouted at Zayne. Suddenly, Zayne remembered that Maria
was right next to him. He immediately backed away from Hilda and said, “G-Go on and have a seat!”
Having noticed that awkward moment, Hilda smiled and walked toward Jared.

She then casually put her arm around Jared and said, “Jared, why don’t you introduce your colleagues
to me?” Jared was stunned by Hilda’s intimate touch. However, Hilda did that on purpose so that all the
other men present wouldn’t make a move on her. Besides, she did that to show Maria that she had no
reason to get jealous.



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