Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 104

“I was the one who invited Hilda to attend a party with my colleagues, Mrs. Wallace. And I’m going to
bring her to my office for an interview tomorrow,” Kai hastily explained to Chloe.

“There’s no need for explanations! I’m not worried if you’re with Hilda. Even if you two spend the night
outside, I’m not going to say anything!” Chloe remarked, staring at him with a meaningful look in her

That had embarrassment flooding Kai. Oh my God, she’s just too bold in her speech!

“What nonsense are you spouting, Mom?” Hilda flushed, and she swiftly dragged Chloe away.

After taking a few steps, she could not help glancing over her shoulder at Kai. Following that incident
earlier, her love for him had soared exponentially.

Early the following morning, Kai brought Hilda with him to the office.

However, there was no sign of anyone, although it was already office hours. They waited for more than
half an hour before the employees started coming to work, one after another.

All of them had dark circles under their eyes, making it clear that they stayed up too late last night. As a
result, they could not wake up on time that morning.

As for Zayne, he only arrived a little after ten o’clock while yawning all the way. The second he went
into his office, he made himself a cup of tea.

“Do you know what time it is now? Is this your usual attitude in working?” Kai questioned, pushing open
the door to the man’s office and stalking right in.

The company belonged to Josephine, and in turn, it meant that it was his. Therefore, he was naturally
irked that all the employees were late to work.

Zayne was stunned for a moment before his temper spiked, and he roared, “Who do you think you are,
Kai? Don’t forget that I’m the manager here! Yet, you’re questioning me? You should know your place!

As he was bellowing, Maria walked in with Hilda. “What’s wrong? Why are you flying into a rage early in
the morning?”

“Kai here doesn’t know his place that he’s actually telling me off for being late! What a joke!” Zayne
curled his lips and declared, “Kai, your task today is to collect a third of your team’s arrears. If you can’t
do that, you’ll have to work overtime!”

In other words, he was using his position to establish his dominance over Kai so that the man would
know his might.

Kai merely sneered before he spun on his heels and strode out. I’m going to collect all the arrears, not
to mention a third of them! I don’t like it when others owe me money!

After he had left, Maria asked Zayne to complete the onboarding procedures for Hilda and even had
him assign Hilda to her team.

It was evident that she liked Hilda very much.

In reality, Maria was not a heinous person at heart. She merely had the demeanor of a wealthy heiress
and looked down upon others. However, from her attitude toward Hilda, one could tell that she was not
all evil.

After finalizing Hilda’s onboarding procedures, Zayne leaned back against his chair and nodded off.
They enjoyed themselves into the wee hours last night, and he had to wash his soiled pants after
returning home, so he only got to bed very late.

While he was sleeping, Xavier pushed the door open and walked in. Seeing that Zayne was in a
slumber, he frowned slightly.

“Do you not know that you’re supposed to knock before coming in?” Zayne lambasted with his eyes still
closed, awakened by the sound of the door opening.

He was the king in the sales department, so he need not be afraid of anything.

Upon receiving no forthcoming response, he opened his eyes. When he saw Xavier glowering at him,
he was so petrified that he fell off the chair.

“M-Mr. Jennings, w-why are you here?”

Zayne wore a panicked expression on his face. He rarely comes to the sales department, so why did
he suddenly show up here today!

Xavier merely shot him a glare. Instead of dressing him down, he gazed out at the employees working
outside through the window in the office. However, his gaze was fixated on Kai alone.



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