Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 225

Enhancement Pill

“Wake up! Stop lazing in bed! Rise and shine!”

Josephine pounded on Jared’s door.

Only then did Jared exhale and open his eyes.

Eyeing the Starry Compass that had dimmed slightly, he heaved a sigh.

I initially thought that I’d be able to cultivate without any worries after gaining possession of the Starry
Compass, but from the look of things now, I was still too naive! The resources accumulated in it likely
aren’t even sufficient to last me for a night’s cultivation. Oh well, it seems that I’ll have no choice but to
rely on the meager amount of spiritual energy and cultivate little by little in the future. But then, if I want to
level up my capabilities in such a manner, it’ll take eons!

“Are you still not up?”

Josephine hammered on door once more.

Thus, Jared got out of bed and opened the door, upon which she glared at him. “Why are you not out for
breakfast when the food is ready?”


After he had said that, he headed straight to the dining room, looking a tad gloomy.

“I might not be going to the office every day henceforth.”

Jared wanted to speed up his cultivation, so he couldn’t possibly go to the office to work daily.
Furthermore, he didn’t need to do so since he was the Chairman then.

Upon hearing that, Josephine was taken aback and wondered if she had offended him somehow.

Clocking her expression, Jared hastily expounded, “I’ve got something exceedingly important to do, and
it might take a long time.”

“It’s okay. The company is doing well anyway.” Josephine flashed him a smile.

After breakfast, she left. After all, she couldn’t possibly stay there perpetually when they weren’t married

In fact, they hadn’t even confirmed their relationship, much less gotten engaged. All there between them
was only a tacit understanding.

Following her departure, someone promptly delivered two bags of medicinal herbs to Jared. They were
all items he asked her to prepare back then, including reishi mushroom and ginseng. On the whole, the
two bags of medicinal herbs were probably worth millions.

As soon as Jared opened the bags, he immediately sensed intense spiritual energy filling the entire

All those rare medicinal herbs contained copious amounts of spiritual energy. When he sensed the rich
spiritual energy, the urge to use all the medicinal herbs to concoct an energy condensing pill inexorably
gripped him.

Then, a single energy condensing pill would be even better than him cultivating for the whole night.

Nonetheless, he stifled that impulse, for the medicinal herbs were meant to be concocted into pills to
cure his mother and William. If he were to concoct an energy condensing pill for himself, there would be
nothing left for them.

Nixing the idea of concocting an energy condensing pill for himself, he started gesturing as he recited a
spell. A large amount of spiritual energy started circulating wildly in his abdomen. Soon, a faint blue light
materialized at the tips of his fingers.

That was the technique of alchemy Draco taught him. Such a technique didn’t require a pill furnace to
concoct pills. However, it consumed substantial spiritual energy. The more valuable the pill one
concocted, the more spiritual energy it would consume.

Since he had no pill furnace then, he was left with no other recourse but to utilize such a spiritual energy-
intensive alchemy method to concoct pills.

About an hour later, three pills appeared in Jared’s hand.

The tiniest pill was an enhancement pill he concocted with the remaining medicinal herbs. Such a pill had
average value and was very common, but it would enhance one’s capabilities and boost one’s strength
considerably upon consumption.

After deliberating for a while, he phoned Tommy, planning to give him the enhancement pill.

The man was his subordinate, so it would be embarrassing for him if Tommy were to be defeated by
every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

When Tommy received the call, he swiftly offered to go and look for Jared at Dragon Bay.

“You don’t need to come over. I’ll go and meet you. Where are you right now?”

In truth, Jared didn’t want the man to visit his place because it wasn’t quite convenient with his parents

“I’m in Room 307 at Meadow Restaurant on Fortune Street,” Tommy promptly answered.

“Okay. Wait for me there.”

Jared then hung up the phone after saying that.

He knew of Fortune Street. It was considered the most sizeable food street in Horington, with plenty of
restaurants and cafes.

He informed Hannah that he wouldn’t be having lunch at home before leaving and taking a taxi to
Meadow Restaurant.

Besides giving Tommy the pill, he also had some business to discuss with the man.



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