Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 234

A Man Like None Other

Virgil was stunned. He stammered, “J-Jared, t-this is too much. I have no idea how to manage a

“No one’s born knowing how to manage a company. You can always learn.” Jared stuffed the contracts
into Virgil’s hands and insisted, “Work hard, and I’m looking forward to calling you CEO, Mr. Hancock!”

Virgil’s hands shook as he held the valuable contracts. He blushed, overwhelmed with gratitude

He became absorbed in daydreams of his future life as a CEO.

Virgil was now the envy of every classmate. After all, he had become the CEO of two multimillion
companies in the blink of an eye.

Some of them regretted their decision to scorn Jared instead of supporting him, like Virgil, from the

Just then, someone kicked open the room door. A young man dressed in a sharp suit strode in, followed
by several imposing security guards.

Leroy was part of the group, and he pointed at Jared as he declared, “Benji, that’s the person who hit
me. You’ve got to teach him a lesson!”

Benji glared at Jared and asked, “Did he act alone?”

Leroy surveyed the room, and their classmates hurriedly put some distance between themselves and
Jared for fear of being dragged into this mess.

Virgil shook with fear, yet he determinedly stood his ground beside Jared.

His show of loyalty infuriated Leroy, who barked, “Get rid of that fellow beside him too!”

To his surprise, Benji slapped Leroy up the side of his head and scolded, “Useless! You called me over to
deal with those two fools?”

Leroy wailed, “Benji, one of them came out of prison recently. He picked up some moves while he was

“Oh, so he runs in our circles.” Benji smirked. “Which gang are you with?”

He mistakenly believed that Jared had spent time in jail over underground crimes.

“Far from that, Benji! He beat up Leyton Scott for playing his girlfriend and got slapped with a three-year
sentence!” Leroy explained hastily.

“F*ck! That’s unexpected!” Benji guffawed. “Well, he does look like an unlucky lad. Still, he can’t be some
simpleton if he dared to hit my cousin!”

Benji grabbed a wine bottle and brought it down upon Jared’s head.

A few girls shrieked in terror.

Virgil paled, but he gritted his teeth and grabbed a chair, ready to defend Jared from Benji’s attack.

He scarcely moved when Jared suddenly threw out a punch.

It landed square in Benji’s abdomen, sending the latter flying a distance.

Benji curled into himself, huffing from extreme pain.

“Are you okay, Benji?” Leroy asked as he tried to help his cousin to his feet.

“Get him!” Benji growled, spurring the security guards into action.

They charged at Jared with batons.

Virgil shouted, “Run, Jared! I’ll hold them off!”

He lifted a chair and ran toward the charging men.

They were about to clash when a shadow darted past Virgil. Seconds later, the guards lay on the ground,
moaning in agony,

These were all Tommy’s men, which made them Jared’s subordinates. It was the only reason Jared had
refrained from unleashing his full strength.



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