Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 250

A Man Like None Other

While the duo’s attention was on Tommy, Nicholas spotted Jared and frowned.

He remembered seeing him in Glen’s house before.

At that time, he had taken a gander at Jared because he had a vague feeling that the latter was different
from others. Nonetheless, he could not put his finger on it.

After all, Jared was an energy cultivator. A mere mage would not be able to detect his spiritual energy

“Who are you guys? How dare you try to rob us? Do you know who he is?” the plump businessman

“That’s right. This man is Glen, the mayor of Horington. Do you want to go to prison?” the thin
businessman chimed in.

“D*mn you! Stop talking and kneel now!” Tommy spat and kicked the two businessmen forcefully, causing
them to fall to the floor.

As they were used to living a luxurious life, they could not withstand his kick and groaned on the ground.

“Young man, tell us what you want. Just don’t hurt us!” Nicholas said while looking at Jared

He could tell that Jared was the one who had the final say.

Jared’s lips curled as he said disdainfully, “You know what I want. How dare you use the Soul Capturing
Technique in Horington?”

“Who are you?” Nicholas scowled and reckoned Jared was also a mage since he could name the Soul
Capturing Technique.

“There’s no need for you to know who I am!”

Jared shifted his gaze toward Glen, who was standing emotionlessly, before casting a surge of spiritual
energy into his head. The latter trembled, and life returned to his eyes.

“W-Where am I?” Glen asked in shock when he came around.

“Mr. Lowe, these men made you come here using the Soul Capturing Technique.” Jared explained.

That time around, Glen did not berate him. Instead, he stared at the two businessmen lying on the floor
and Nicholas, who was visibly anxious.

Overwhelmed with bewilderment, he could not wrap his head around the whole situation

Jared pointed at the two businessmen and commanded, “Explain everything to Mr. Lowe now!”

“Speak!” Tommy pressed his blade against their necks.

With that, the two businessmen recoiled in fear. When they were about to come clean, Nicholas suddenly
took a bag and shook it forcefully.

Wisps of black mist rushed out from the bag and filled the room instantly.

Fear rooted Glen to the spot. Tommy, on the other hand, did not show any reaction. He was not afraid as
he had seen such sinister spirits in Lagrange Monastery, not to mention Jared had told him about it too.

“What a lame trick!” Jared sneered.

Opening his mouth, he sucked the black mists into his stomach.

That sight threw Nicholas off.

Needless to say, Glen was utterly baffled. It was beyond his comprehension as he had never witnessed
such a sight.


Scared out of his wits, Nicholas dropped to his knees before Jared.

“Please spare my life. I’ve learned my mistake… he pleaded, groveling on the floor.

In Nicholas’ eyes, Jared was in the same trade as him, but the younger man was more skilled

“Explain everything to Mr. Lowe!” Jared ordered.

With all the fight trickled out of him, Nicholas dared not disobey Jared and

recounted the whole event to Glen.



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