Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 284

The Stupid Son

Josephine was taken aback by the venom in Tyrion’s words. Unease grew in her chest as she asked
hesitantly, “What are you talking about, Tyrion?”

“What else could I be talking about?” Anger distorted Tyrion’s features as he continued, “I’ve been
courting you for years to no avail. Now, you’ve fallen for an ex-convict of all people! Tell me! How am I
worse than Jared?”

He grabbed Josephine’s elbow in the middle of his impassioned speech.

“Tyrion! Who told you all this?”

Josephine finally identified the crux of the matter. Someone must’ve tipped him off. Tyrion knows about
everything in Horington despite being in far-off Summerbank.

Tyrion tightened his grip on her elbow and demanded, “That’s none of your business! Tell me! How is
Jared better than me?”

Josephine winced in pain and yelled, “Let me go! You’re hurting me! You’re nothing like Jared!”

She shot him a disgusted glare for good measure.

“B*tch!” Tyrion barked and slapped Josephine’s face. Her cheek throbbed painfully.

Tyrion hissed, “Listen carefully! You’re going to witness Jared’s death at my hands today! No one can
steal my woman away from me!”

“I’ll never forgive you if you hurt Jared!” Josephine threatened.

Tyrion scoffed, “Hmph! You’re only fueling my determination to torture Jared!”

He turned around and left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Josephine banged on the door and shouted, “Let me go, Tyrion! Let me out of this place! I swear, I’ll kill
you if you hurt Jared!”

Her threats fell on deaf ears, and her attempts to escape were futile.

Eventually, she exhausted herself and leaned against a wall. She prayed fervently, “Jared, please!
Please don’t come!”

Blissfully oblivious to the trouble that would befall the Scott family, Yoel presided over a family meeting
to discuss their situation after offering their property development companies to Jared. Despite
securing their safety, the Scotts now found themselves in a precarious financial situation.

The companies comprised half the assets of the Scott family. Losing such an enormous portion of their
wealth was a staggering blow.

From where he sat at the head of the room, Yoel announced sternly, “As long as you’re a Scott, you’re
obligated to assume a low profile in public. Our influence is not as powerful as it used to be. We’ll be
adjusting manpower allocations as well.”

Suddenly, a household staff burst into the room and reported, “Old Mr. Scott, this is bad! Someone has
surrounded the Scott residence!”

“What? Who?” Yoel thundered. “The Scott family may be weaker now, but we will not stand for any
oppression against our family. Everyone! We will confront these hooligans together!”

The Scotts headed outside under Yoel’s orders.

The moment he exited his house, Yoel suddenly stopped in his tracks. The anger on his face morphed
into a placating smile with impressive speed. He greeted, “Mr. Chance, Mr. Lewis, what a surprise!
Please, come in and have a seat!”

He glared at the servant who had informed him of the visitors. Why didn’t he report things more clearly?
If I had known Jared and Tommy were here, I wouldn’t have rallied my entire family to confront them!

The servant felt wronged as well. Old Mr. Scott was the one who rushed off before I finished explaining

Jared looked downright hostile as Tommy demanded fiercely, “Where’s your son Leyton? Get his *ss
out here right now!”

Yoel’s heart almost stopped when he heard Tommy’s words. What has my stupid son done now?

“Mr. Lewis, my son isn’t at home. My men have been trying to contact him as well,” Yoel sputtered.

He had indeed attempted to call Leyton earlier for their family meeting. After several failed attempts,
Yoel had given up and begun the meeting without Leyton.

“Who the h*ll do you think you’re fooling?” Tommy swore as he rushed forward and grabbed Yoel by his
shirt collars.



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