Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 348

A Public Display Of Affection

Josephine likewise turned her gaze to Lizbeth. After all, the latter was there to keep an eye on Jared so
as to prevent him from absconding or going into hiding.

As Lizbeth sensed the scorching gaze directed her way, embarrassment showed on her face. With the
cup of coffee Jared brewed in her hands, she bit her lip and declared, “I-I’m a heavy sleeper and won’t
awaken even if there are any movements at night!”

The meaning of her words was plain as day—she was telling them both that they could make a run for
it while she was sleeping at night.

At that, Jared abruptly chuckled. “Are you telling me that I can make a run for it during the night, Ms.

“I… I didn’t say that!” Lizbeth shot him a glare, her eyes brimming with censure that he actually put it in
such blunt terms.

“Don’t spout nonsense, Jared! Lizbeth didn’t say that!” Josephine snapped, glowering at Jared as she
also knew that Lizbeth was helping them.

All of a sudden, Jared burst into laughter. “Haha… Just catch up with each other since the two of you
haven’t seen each other in many years. Don’t worry about my affairs. I can’t possibly die when I haven’t
taken such a beauty to wife!”

Grasping Josephine’s chin with a hand, he pecked her on the cheek without warning.

At once, Josephine’s face flushed bright red. Lizbeth is still here, yet he dared kiss me?

“You’re such a rogue, Jared!”

She pouted in feigned anger, but inwardly, elation suffused her.

Meanwhile, Lizbeth rolled her eyes in exasperation at the public display of affection that caught her off
guard. Nevertheless, she was very much impressed by Jared’s calmness, for he was still in the mood
to fool around at such a time.

Just then, a figure rushed into the mansion out of the blue and hurried over to Jared, exclaiming, “Mr.
Chance, I heard that some officers from the Department of Justice in Summerbank wish to arrest you
and take you to Summerbank! Don’t ever go! I’ve already gathered all my men, and over a thousand of
them have sealed off the various exits. If those people from the Department of Justice dare to take you
away, I’ll ensure that none of them will be able to leave Horington!”

That person was none other than Tommy. Due to his injury, Jared wanted to let him rest, so he didn’t
tell him about the matter. However, someone informed him.

At the side, Lizbeth’s expression turned frightfully dark at his words. After all, that was tantamount to
insulting the Department of Justice right in front of her.

Nonetheless, she didn’t dare say anything, for the man’s remark of over a thousand men had her
greatly stricken. If he really has more than a thousand men, then none of the dozen of people from the
Department of Justice will be able to make it back!

Flashing Tommy a faint smile, Jared patted him on the shoulder and replied, “Go back. I’ll be back after
taking a trip to Summerbank. It’ll also save me from having someone target my family all the time.”

Tommy then glanced at Josephine and Lizbeth before pulling Jared to the side. “My Lord, if you insist
on going to Summerbank, you can consider checking out the few gangs there. Perhaps there’s also a

regiment of the Dragon Sect there!”

There was no communication between the thirteen regiments of the Dragon Sect, so he had no idea
where the other regiments were, nor was he acquainted with their members. Nevertheless, the other
regiment heads would definitely recognize the Dragon Ring on Jared’s finger. As long as there was a
regiment of the Dragon Sect in Summerbank, it would be much more convenient for Jared if he needed

Hearing that, Jared nodded. “Okay, I’ll go and check them out when I arrive! Go back and rest.
Although your injury is not life-threatening anymore, you still need to have more rest. I’ll concoct
another pill for you when I return from Summerbank so that your capabilities will go up another notch.”

Tommy’s face lit up. “Thank you, My Lord! If there’s anything, inform me anytime. I’ll rush to
Summerbank with my men right away!”



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