Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 376


“Please be careful, Bane.”

Luke seemed to have noticed something and reminded Bane.

Then, Luke and Phoenix walked toward the arena together.

“Since you insist, I shall show you my true power then!”

Zachariah also released a burst of monstrous aura as he spoke.

The aura of the two clashed violently, and a gust of wind blasted across the arena. However, the
audience did not feel a thing because the arena was specially built. No matter how fierce their aura
was, it will never affect the people outside of it. Otherwise, the battle between the two Internal Energy
Grandmasters would destroy the entire venue.

“Vortex Spear!” Bane roared loudly. He waved his hands in the air and instantly manifested a spear in
his hand.

An Internal Energy Grandmaster could create objects by converting their body’s martial energy into
various weapons and even control their aura to attack.

With the spear in hand, Bane drew several flowers in the air. In the next moment, the flowers turned
into sharp objects and flew toward Zachariah at high speed.

“As expected of an Internal Energy Grandmaster. He’s too powerful!”

“Looks like Bane is even stronger than before. It seems he has been holding back his true power the
entire time!”

“This time, Zachariah has met his match!”

When everyone in the audience saw Bane’s technique, they were amazed and started chattering.

Tommy, who was next to Jared, even had his jaw dropped when he witnessed Bane’s technique. His
eyes were lit with flames of envy. After all, he was the underground king of Horington, but he found out
that his strength was a joke compared to any of them when he arrived here.

Tommy felt inferior and ashamed of the vast difference in power.

Jared noticed his glum expression and patted him on the shoulder with a smile. “Don’t worry. Your
strength will definitely surpass them.”

“Really?” Tommy looked at Jared with eyes shimmering with hope.

“Of course. Don’t you believe me?”

“Of course, I do! I have full faith in you!” Tommy nodded hurriedly.

He was absolutely confident in Jared’s strength. He also believed that his abilities would get even more
powerful with Jared’s help.

Back in the arena, Zachariah faced the high-speed barrage of spear flowers head-on. He snorted coldly
with disdain on his face before lightly tapping his finger in the air. Ripples suddenly appeared before
him and vaporized the incoming spear flowers, making them disappear without a trace.

Bane was shocked. He didn’t expect Zachariah to nullify his attack with ease.

“Vortex Slash!” he roared and jumped high into the air. The spear in his hand multiplied into countless
spears, surrounding Zachariah.

“Hmph! Is that all you got?”

Zachariah scoffed. Then, a thin layer of white mist appeared and wrapped around his body.

When the spear in Bane’s hand came into contact with the layer of mist, it instantly shattered into
particles of martial energy.


Bane was shocked once again. He quickly took a few steps back.

Everyone in the audience gasped upon witnessing this feat. They didn’t expect Zachariah to be so
powerful. No wonder he dared to declare his intention of becoming the leader of the Warriors Alliance!

Phoenix was also frowning. She didn’t expect that Zachariah would be hiding his true abilities all this

“It’s my turn, Bane,” Zachariah said.

The moment he was finished, his body immediately became an afterimage before reappearing in front
of Bane in less than a second.

Bane didn’t have the time to react. He received a palm strike to the chest and spewed blood from his

Even after defeating Bane, Zachariah didn’t seem to have the intention to stop. He continued to attack
Bane with simultaneous palm strikes, and the sounds of impact resounded across the arena.



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