Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 377

Hidden Strength

In the end, Bane was sent flying out of the arena before plummeting to the ground. His body was
drenched in blood. Even if he survived the attack, he would continue to live the rest of his life as a

The Schmidt family rushed forward and carried Bane away. Rage was written all over their faces.
However, the rules of the alliance were absolute. Even if Zachariah were to kill Bane, the Schmidt
family would not be able to do anything about it.

“Zachariah, you have already won. Why did you commit such a cruel act?” Luke frowned and asked in

“Those who support me will prosper, while those who oppose me will perish. Anyone who dares to stop
me from becoming the leader of the Warriors Alliance will die. Now, which one of you is brave enough
to step into the arena?”

Zachariah’s tone was haughty and full of arrogance as he glanced at everyone with a grim expression.

The audience fell into silence in an instant. After Zachariah displayed his power, nobody dared to step
into the arena.

The Jantz family members were ecstatic. They knew that if Zachariah managed to become the leader
of the Warriors Alliance, the Jantz family would be the dominant family in Summerbank.

Sighing, Luke shook his head and returned to his seat.

He knew that he was not Zachariah’s match. As such, he could only watch the latter being full of
himself in the arena.

“Zachariah, it’s too early to celebrate.”

Phoenix leaped into the air and landed gently on the arena.

“Phoenix, even if you didn’t come up, I would still kill you. You have been going against me from the
very beginning. But that will end today.”

Zachariah instantly directed his aura to oppress Phoenix as he spoke.

“Hmph!” Phoenix snorted coldly. Then, she released a terrifying aura from her petite body to contend
with Zachariah’s.

“They’re equally matched.” Jared looked at the two of them in the arena and casually said.

“Mr. Chance, will Phoenix be in danger?” Tommy suddenly became nervous when he heard Jared say
that they were equally matched.

Jared glanced at him and smiled. “Even if Phoenix is defeated, her life won’t be at risk. So don’t worry.”

Tommy’s face was flushed red from the tension. Then, he looked toward the arena anxiously.

In the arena, Phoenix and Zachariah’s auras clashed fiercely. They both had a murderous look on their

“It seems that you’ve been hiding your true strength, Phoenix.”

Zachariah narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a somewhat surprised tone.

“Hmph! Get ready to be even more surprised!”

Phoenix opened her arms, and a white light flashed behind her. The beam of white light immediately
transformed into a phoenix and circled above Phoenix’s head.

Zachariah and everyone in the audience looked at Phoenix in disbelief.

“Phoenix Fire!”

Phoenix brought her arms together and pushed toward Zachariah. Immediately, the hovering phoenix
let out a deafening cry, flapped its wings, and dived toward Zachariah.

Zachariah was horrified. He quickly brought his hands to his chest and created a barrier in the air in
front of him with a massive amount of martial energy.


The barrier began to crack when the phoenix collided fiercely with it. After a second hit, the barrier
shattered almost instantly.

Zachariah fell heavily to the ground before spewing out a mouthful of blood.

“Mr. Jantz!”


The members of the Jantz family exclaimed in shock.

The audience, on the other hand, looked at Phoenix in disbelief. They didn’t expect that Phoenix, who
was but a petite woman, to hide such a terrifying power.

“Nicely done!”

Watching Phoenix knocking down Zachariah, Tommy couldn’t help cheering out loud.

Phoenix looked at Zachariah indifferently and said with a look of disdain on her face, “Zachariah,
you’ve lost. Your dream of becoming the leader is now shattered.”

“No, I won’t lose. I can’t lose!”

Zachariah got himself up and wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. Then, he took out a green-
colored pill from his pocket and swallowed it.

Phoenix was bewildered, having no idea what Zachariah had just eaten.


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