Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 379

You Are No Match

“Do you have a death wish, Jared?” Zachariah shouted furiously.

Him taunting me publicly like this is a blatant threat to my authority! I must kill him today or no one will
ever respect me in the Warriors Alliance!

“You don’t have to take it upon yourself to kill this guy, Dad! I’ll avenge Lucy and our family!” Wilbur said
as he jumped in front of Jared and glared at him with murderous intent.

Zachariah lowered his guard and reminded Wilbur, “Be careful! This guy is no pushover!”

“Don’t worry. I’m going to make him suffer a fate worse than death today!” Wilbur muttered through
clenched teeth.

He wanted nothing more than to tear Jared from limb to limb on the spot.

Zachariah jumped down the stage and stood to watch beside them. This way, even if Wilbur failed to
kill Jared, he would at least be able to ensure Wilbur’s safety.

“I think you should let your old man fight this battle instead, Wilbur. You’re no match for me!” Jared said
mockingly while pointing a finger at Wilbur.

“We’ll see about that!” Wilbur yelled angrily as he charged at Jared.

A faint layer of mist could be seen around Wilbur’s fist as he charged it with internal energy, forming
ripples in the air as he swung it at Jared.

“Whoa! I didn’t know the Jantz family’s kid has gotten so powerful!”

“With that level of internal energy, he’ll become a Master of internal energy in no time!”

“Looks like the Jantz family really is going to dominate Summerbank in the future!”

Everyone in the crowd was shocked when they saw Wilbur’s strength.

Jared simply sneered as he stepped slightly to the side, dodging it completely.

Wilbur paused for a split second in surprise before turning around to throw another punch at him.

Once again, Jared evaded it by moving to the other side with a sliding motion.

Enraged by Jared’s agility, Wilbur shouted angrily, “Hey! Why don’t you fight me head-on like a man?”

“All right, then…”

With that, Jared stopped moving and stood there to face Wilbur’s incoming punch.

“Has he lost his mind? He could easily kill a bull with that level of power in his punch!”

“A bull? I wouldn’t be surprised if he punched a hole right through a concrete wall!”

“Jared must be so terrified that he’s completely stunned!”

The crowd could be heard chattering among themselves.

Luke was the only one who kept quiet as he watched on from the side. Although he wasn’t the
strongest, he saw right through everything with those sharp eyes of his.

No one can hide their true strength from me, not even Zachariah and Phoenix. As a result, I usually try
not to offend anyone, which is why I usually play the role of the mediator in most conflicts. Wilbur may

appear powerful, but he is no match for Jared at all. In fact, Jared’s strength is on a whole new level
that even I can’t determine…

Overjoyed that Jared was just standing there waiting to take his punch, Wilbur increased the amount of
power he put into his attack.

Right as his punch was about to land, Jared reached out and grabbed him by the fist all of a sudden.

Wilbur gasped in shock when he realized he couldn’t move his arm at all. It felt like his fist had been
clamped tightly in a vice.

The crowd went silent as well. Nobody was expecting Jared to catch Wilbur’s punch so effortlessly like

Realizing something was amiss, Zachariah jumped into the air as he shouted, “Wilbur, be careful!”


A loud and crisp sound could be heard as Jared crushed Wilbur’s wrist.


Wilbur went pale and screamed at the top of his lungs in pain.

The next thing he knew, the energy from Jared’s body was surging through his like crazy.



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