Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 422

As he widened his eyes in fear, he desperately tried to struggle free. Unfortunately, his efforts were futile.

“Which one is Jared’s mansion?” the black figure asked in a gruff voice.

“M-Mr. Chance’s mansion is at the top of the hill. He…”


Before he could finish, the security guard lost his life instantly when his neck was snapped.

“Let’s go!”

Just as they spoke, the two black figures disappeared in a flash and reappeared more than ten meters in

Back at the mansion, Josephine had already woken up. As her stomach was growling, she went into the
kitchen to cook something for herself.

At that moment, the two black figures had entered the mansion without her knowledge.

One of them took a deep breath and commented, “He is really powerful as expected. Within the entire
residential area, this mansion has the highest concentration of spiritual energy.”

Subsequently, both of them settled down on the couch without fear. When Josephine had finished
cooking and brought out her food, she was so shocked to see the two intruders in her living room that
she dropped the plate she was holding.

With her face turning pale, Josephine asked in a terrified tone, “Who are you? How did you come in

After both of them scrutinized Josephine, their eyes were filled with excitement. “I didn’t expect Jared’s
chick to be so hot!”

“It appears that coming here wasn’t a waste of time at all. We would definitely not hurt a beauty like her!”

Both of them ignored Josephine while bantering with each other. After all, they treated her as their prey.

Having heard their exchange, Josephine’s expression darkened. She knew that both of them were there
to cause Jared harm.

Trying her best to calm down, Josephine pressed on with her questions. “Who in the world are you? Do
you know that trespassing is against the law?”

“Against the law? Hahaha, neither of us even knows what that means.

Let me be upfront with you, I’m Dreadwing of Crescent Sect, while he is Darkwing. We’re here to exact
revenge on Jared for killing our other comrades. So tell us, where is he?” Dreadwing asked.

“He.. he isn’t at home.”

Josephine shook her head as she snuck a glance at the bedroom. Noticing that the door was still open,
she prepared to flee to her room, close the door, and give Jared a call.

“You can forget about escaping because no one ever escapes from us!” Darkwing declared while staring
at Josephine with a lustful gaze.

However, Josephine naturally didn’t listen to him. Gritting her teeth, she began to sprint toward her

“Hmph, how dare you disobey us. Didn’t I tell you that there’s no escape,” Darkwing snorted.

Suddenly, he appeared right behind Josephine and tried to grab her.

Just when he attempted to do so, a red flash of light emanated from the jade pendant Josephine was
wearing. In the blink of an eye, Darkwing was struck by it and sent flying.

Upon entering her room, Josephine slammed the door shut and locked it behind her. With her back to the
door, she desperately tried to catch her breath.

Staring at his trembling hand, Darkwing exclaimed, “An ultimate shielding tool?”

Meanwhile, at Glamor Hotel, Jared felt a jolt in his body, causing him to drop his wine glass which
smashed onto the floor.

“Mr. Chance, what’s wrong?”

“Jared, are you all right?”

Even though everyone turned their attention to him, Jared had no time to explain at all. Disappearing in a
flash, he reappeared at the window and leaped out with a single bound.

Stunned, the crowd surged forward to see what happened. After all, they were more than ten floors up
and Jared had jumped out without any hesitation.

By the time they looked down from the window, Jared was nowhere to be seen.

“An immortal. Mr. Chance must be an immortal!” Walter exclaimed with a shocked expression.



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