Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 429

The young man stood up and smiled at Lizbeth. “Lizbeth, I’m here to see you. Although our

acement has been called off, both of us are still single. Therefore, there’s still a chance of us

“Franco, you should just give up. I would rather die alone than marry you. Haven’t you humiliated me
enough back then? Why don’t you go look for Ms. Bailey instead? Or have you been dumped by her?”
Lizbeth gave Franco a look of disdain.

Instead of being angered, Franco simply smiled. “Lizbeth, actually, I still like you and have dumped
Mandy a long time ago. This time, I came specifically to visit you!”

Just as he spoke, Franco tried to grab Lizbeth. Even though she tried to avoid him, he was just too fast
for her.

The moment she felt his grip on her hand, her expression drastically changed. Subsequently, she tried
desperately to struggle free. “Franco, you b*stard! Let go of me!”

Right when Lizbeth’s parents were about to protest, the middle-aged man shot them a glare. They were
so intimidated by it that they recoiled in fear.

All of a sudden, Josephine bellowed, “Who are you? Are you trying to cause trouble here? Let go of

Upon Josephine’s protest, the middle-aged man unleashed a frightening force in Josephine’s direction.


Snorting, Jared pulled Josephine behind her and intercepted the middle-aged man’s attack with a burst
of his own spiritual energy.

As the two massive waves of energy collided, the middle-aged man was pushed back by a few steps
before he could steady himself.

After that, Jared stepped forward and pried Franco’s hand away from Lizbeth. “You should treat a lady
with more respect,” Jared snapped with an icy tone as he gave Franco a deathly stare.

In response, the middle-aged man’s gaze was filled with murderous intent. “I’m surprised to see that
Summerbank still has such young talent.”

The moment he finished, the middle-aged man clenched his fists and prepared to attack.

“Eddy, stand down!” Upon Franco’s instructions, the middle-aged man withdrew his fists.

Subsequently, Franco gave Jared a hostile look. “Who are you to Lizbeth?”

“A friend!” Jared replied indifferently before he released his grip on Franco’s hand.

After scrutinizing Jared from head to toe, Franco suppressed his hostility. “I’m here for business, not to
fight. We can spar next time when the opportunity arises.”

Franco then turned toward Lizbeth’s parents. “Mr. Grange, I hope you will consider what I have
proposed just now. As long as you can help me find who I’m looking for, I promise to leverage the
Coopers’ entire network to get you transferred to Jadeborough for work.”

“I’ll think about it,” Lizbeth’s father replied.

After nodding satisfactorily, Franco left together with Eddy.

“Dad, who is Franco asking you to find? Haven’t our family been humiliated enough by him? Why do
you still help him?” Lizbeth questioned her father loudly after Franco was gone.

Her father brought out a photo of a girl. “He wants me to use all my contacts in Summerbank to find
her, saying that she might be here in this city. Hence, it’s not really a big deal.”

“You should have rejected him on the spot. Why are you even considering it? It appears to me that you
are desiring an official position in Jadeborough!”

After she yelled at the father, Lizbeth turned around and ran out of the house.

Feeling awkward, Jared and Josephine had no choice but to put down the gifts they brought and run
after her.

Inside the car, Lizbeth cried pitifully.

Josephine consoled her softly, “Lizbeth, who is that man? Why did he break off his engagement with


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