Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 482

We Are Your Fans

“You damn bee! How dare you scare Ms. Snyder. I’ll crush you…” Dominic acted immediately and
stepped on the bee to kill it. Then, he threw it into a trash can.

“Ms. Snyder, don’t be scared. I have killed the bee!” Dominic said proudly.

However, Tessa did not respond but looked at Jared in shock. She had seen him flick a finger and
caused the bee to drop. He was not even looking at the bee.

That is incredible. I’m in no doubt that Jared is a highly-skilled fighter. He must be the one who saved

Tessa adjusted her clothes and scooted near Jared. “Did you say that your name is Jared Chance?”

Jared nodded but did not say anything.

“Why won’t you look at me? Are you scared of me?” Tessa teased Jared when she saw that he refused
to look at her.

“Scared of you? Why should I be scared?” Jared looked straight at Tessa. “It’s just that I have a

“What a loyal man. It is hard to find a trustworthy man like you nowadays.” Tessa chuckled.

She developed a sudden interest in Jared.

Before she could say anything else, a servant came to the living room and said, “Ms. Snyder, Mr.
Wagner, the feast is ready.”

Tessa patted Jared’s shoulder. “Let’s go!”

Jared followed Tessa to the dining room. The Snyder residence had one floor dedicated to the dining
room and kitchen. It felt like a restaurant, and they had at least a dozen chefs working for them.

It was so lavish that Jared’s mansion in Dragon Bay was nothing compared to the Snyder residence.
The life of the super-rich was truly beyond what ordinary people could imagine.

The dining room had a table of six meters in diameter covered with various delectable food. There were
dishes of every kind, and they smelled delicious. Only a mine owner could be capable of dining in such

“Mr. Wagner, Mr. Chance, have a seat,” Jayden said casually when he saw Jared and Dominic.

After Jared and Dominic chose their seats, Tessa came and sat beside Jared. Dominic couldn’t help
but feel envious of him.

Jayden frowned when he saw Tessa’s choice of seating, but he did not say anything.

“Henry, is Mr. Jenson here yet?” Jayden asked.

He seemed to be waiting for someone.

“Sir, he should be here soon,” Henry answered.

Suddenly, a servant led an elderly in a white martial arts uniform into the dining room. His eyes
gleamed with authority. A gang of men in black martial arts uniforms also followed behind him.

“Mr. Jenson, thank you for coming here…” Jayden rushed out of his seat to welcome him.

“Mr. Snyder…” George greeted respectfully. “Please have a seat…”

Jayden courteously invited George and his group of men to the table.

“Sweetie, why are you still sitting there? Come meet Mr. Jenson, the practitioner of Form-Intention
Fist,” Jayden said to Tessa.

Tessa stood up quickly and said, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Jenson!”

George replied with a chuckle, “Haha, nice to meet you too. Ms. Snyder, I’ve seen you on TV before.
You look even more beautiful in person. Many of my subordinates here are your fans. Later, they will
ask to take a group photo with you and request your autograph.”

“No problem!” Tessa responded with a smile.

“Mr. Snyder, who are these two gentlemen? I don’t think I’ve seen them before.” George pointed to
Jared and Dominic.

Jayden explained quickly. “Oh, they are stone gambling tradesmen from Jazona. They bumped into my
daughter today and saved her. Come, let’s have dinner!”

Suddenly, a muscular man in his early thirties shouted beside George, “Who dares to harm Ms.
Snyder? Do they have a death wish?”

“Ms. Snyder, this is my senior disciple, Daxton Ford. He has acquired more than seventy percent of my
skills. Furthermore, he is a loyal fan of Ms. Snyder.” George introduced the man.


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