Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 483

Catching A Bullet

“The abductors are all dead. Although we still can’t confirm who did it, I strongly believe that the
Fergusons and the Larsons sent them,” Jayden said.

“Mr. Snyder, don’t worry about it. Let us help you with this matter and make those two families pay. I will
give them a taste of my iron fist and avenge Ms. Snyder!” Daxton waved his fists and looked at Tessa
with fiery determination.

“Haha, I shall trouble you and Mr. Jenson. However, I heard that the Larsons hired many Grandmaster
rank fighters. Therefore, it is better to be more cautious. I even used my connections and obtained a
few of these.” Jayden used his finger to outline a gun.

George smirked and said, “Mr. Snyder, guns pose an even lesser threat to us than daggers.
Furthermore, guns are useless against Grandmasters. They only give you a fake sense of security!”

“Mr. Jenson, are there people who are not afraid of guns?” Jayden found it hard to believe that there
were such people.

“Mr. Snyder, if you don’t believe me, you can try to shoot a bullet at me!” George offered calmly.

“How can I do that? I can never use a gun on you, Mr. Jenson!” Jayden shook his head immediately.

“Mr. Snyder, you should give it a try. My mentor is not afraid of guns. He can move faster than a bullet,”
Daxton said from the side.

“Mr. Jenson, I…” In actuality, Jayden was curious about it too and wanted to give it a try.

“Bring it on. I should demonstrate my abilities to you, Mr. Snyder. Otherwise, I feel uncomfortable
receiving such a large sum of fee from you,” George replied.

Then, he got up from his seat and stood at the side.

Jayden ordered a servant to bring him a gun. He unlocked the safety lock, aimed it at George, and
said, “Mr. Jenson, I shall fire a shot now!”

“Sure, aim it at my right chest!” George thumped his right chest.

Jayden was thinking of doing the same thing. If he aimed at George’s right chest, George would not die
if there was a mishap. However, if the bullet hit his left chest, it could pierce his heart and kill him

Therefore, Jayden aimed the gun at George’s right chest and pulled the trigger.


In the split of a second, George leaned to a side before immediately returning to his original position.

There was not a wound on his body. The bullet did not get him.


Daxton shouted, and everyone soon clapped and cheered. Even Dominic was stunned.

However, no one noticed that the bullet recoiled after hitting the smooth granite pillar behind George. It
now changed direction and shot toward Jared and Tessa.

The bullet was too fast for anyone to see, but Jared noticed it instantly. He reached out and grabbed it
in his fist.

Tessa jumped in shock beside Jared. She was stunned to see the bullet on Jared’s palm. However,
Jared did not make a scene but quietly pocketed it as if nothing happened.

Meanwhile, everyone was cheering for George. Jayden said happily, “Mr. Jenson, with you here, I
believe no one would dare to stop the Snyders tomorrow, hahaha…”

Then, the feast began. Jayden kept toasting George but ignored Jared and Dominic. On the other
hand, Tessa kept chatting with Jared and offered him food. She treated him as if he was an old friend.

“Dad, I want to follow you to the vein mine tomorrow.” Tessa suddenly mentioned to Jayden.

“Stop with this nonsense. It is not a vacation trip but a dangerous journey. You have better stay at
home!” Jayden scolded Tessa.



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