Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 540

Is This All You Got

The speed and power of the wave were as powerful as the one Jared had unleashed. Just like a
speeding truck on a highway, the giant wave charged rapidly in Jared’s direction.

Shaking his head slightly, Jared clenched his fist as a sword formed from water appeared in his hand.

“Break it apart!”

With a wave of his sword, Jared split the giant wave in half, causing it to pass him by on both sides.


As the residual halves of the wave crashed onto the shore, they shattered the huge boulders there into
pieces. Evidently, the power of the giant wave was extremely devastating.

When Tristan and the others saw what unfolded, they grew nervous and broke out in a cold sweat on
Jared’s behalf.

If Jared were to be defeated, none of them would be able to escape alive.

“Not bad. Let’s continue!” Fabian bellowed as he fell back down and launched a forceful punch onto the
water surface.

The massive impact unleashed shockwaves across the water while the droplets that were thrown into
the air were so numerous that they covered the sky. Subsequently, they shot at Jared as if they were

Now that he was being attacked from above and below him, Jared cracked a smile as he leaped into
the air. Raising his arms as if he was spreading his wings, the water below him was pulled upward to

form a defensive barrier in front of him.

As the shockwaves beneath his feet missed him, the bullet-like water droplets hit the water barrier
before falling back into the lake.

The moment the shockwaves hit the shore, the entire valley shook with a gentle rumble.

“It appears that you’re more powerful than I thought!”

Jared narrowed his gaze, as he could feel elements of spiritual energy within Fabian’s attacks. Even
though mages generate spiritual energy when they wielded their attacks, it would only be at minuscule
levels. Furthermore, mages seldom cultivate internal energy as it was very difficult for them. Therefore,
once their magecraft was broken, they would become utterly defenseless.

However, Fabian not only knew magecraft, but his body also emitted an aura so powerful that it was
close to that of a spiritual energy cultivator. In fact, it was even stronger than that of Bruce from Mount

“You will never be able to imagine the depths of my power,” Fabian sneered as he gently landed on the
water and gave Jared a confident look.

As for Jared, he too supported himself on a floating piece of plank.

“Is that so? Show me the true extent of your power then!”

Suddenly, Jared grabbed something from the water and threw it in Fabian’s direction.

The moment he swung his hands, a water column emerged from the lake. It looked as if Jared was
holding a steel whip which he cracked in Fabian’s direction.

The water column, which was tens of meters long, glistened with an icy sparkle. Responding to the
attack, Fabian slapped his palms on the water to generate a giant wave, forming a protective barrier in
front of him.


When Jared’s giant water column struck Fabian’s barrier, a thunderous sound rang out.

Subsequently, Fabian retreated in shock when the water barrier began to crack. Upon impact on the
surface of the water, the long water column caused a giant splash that was more than ten meters tall.

Even though Fabian had managed to avoid the strike, the martial energy embedded in it managed to
sting him on his chest and even blow holes in his clothes.

“Is that all you got?” Jared smirked in response.

Fabian’s face darkened. “I have yet to show you my true power. Have you forgotten that I’m the godson
of the Poison King of Mapleton?”



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