Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 630

The Fearsome Four

“Get lost!” Sean kicked the butler away before continuing, “I have the medicine Xander left. It can
control The Fearsome Four. Before going into his solitary training, Xander said that we can release The
Fearsome Four if the Cooper family is in deep trouble.”

The man headed straight for the backyard. He had no intention of listening to his butler at all.

The latter became more compliant after the kick he received. All he could do was sigh and follow suit.

At the deepest part of the backyard was another courtyard. Its door was shut with a rusty lock securing
it. It was obvious that the place had been kept locked up for years.

Staring at the door before him, Sean fell into a daze for a second before he clenched his teeth and
unlocked it.


The heavy door was pushed open, revealing a room further inside. A series of growls was instantly
heard from inside the room, followed by the sounds of chains clanking.

The man walked in and stood before the locked room. He then unlocked that door and pushed it open.

Sunlight instantly lit up the dim room.

Inside, four scruffy-looking men in tattered clothes were chained up. When they saw that someone had
entered the room, they lunged forward with bloodshot eyes. However, they only managed to take two
steps forward as they were held back by the chains.

“Food… I want food!” One of the men bared his teeth and roared.

The other three glared at Sean, all of them looking like they were starving beasts.

At that, Sean grabbed a handful of what seemed like jellybeans from his pocket and tossed them at the
chained men.

They instantly picked the jellybeans from the ground and stuffed them into their mouths.

Soon enough, they finished everything Sean had given them. The men who were once angry and
agitated slowly turned quiet.

The redness in their eyes faded as they stared at him blankly.

Having seen this, Sean ordered, “Go and release them from their chains.”

“Mr. Sean!” The butler had a troubled look on his face. He was terrified of what would happen if he
unchained them.

“Unchain them.”

The former unsheathed his whip sword and pointed it at the butler’s neck.

The butler could feel the coldness from the sword, and he dared not say another word. Body trembling,
he slowly made his way toward the men and started to unchain them.

They remained motionless even though they were not held back by the chains anymore. Instead, they
waited silently for Sean’s orders. At the sight of this, the butler heaved a sigh of relief.

“Follow me,” Sean said to them.

“Yes!” they replied with a nod before following him out of the room.

As the disheveled men walked behind Sean, the subordinates of the Coopers couldn’t help but feel
curious. Many of them were taking secret glances at the men.

Besides a few of the higher-ups and the head of the Cooper family, no one else knew of the existence
of The Fearsome Four. Even Gavin didn’t know of them. Franco was an exception as he had planned
to release them to deal with Jared back then. However, he had been stopped by Sean.

Sean would never have expected that there would be a day when he would be forced to use The
Fearsome Four.

On the way out of Jadeborough, the taxi driver was happily chatting with Jared. He had landed a huge
deal after all. It cost almost three thousand for the drive from Jadeborough to Horington. It was only
natural that the driver would feel so delighted.

“What kind of business are you in, young man? Not many people will go to Horington from
Jadeborough by taxi.”

Most people were not willing to pay a few thousand for the taxi fare, after all.

“It’s just a small business,” Jared answered casually with a smile.


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