Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 644

A Decamillennium Ginseng

Recently, Herb Palace had been gathering all the herbs that were one hundred years old and above.
Only a few managed to enter Yeringham. As Zeke’s Goldenbirch Herbs had failed to source any herbs
that were one hundred years old and above, he didn’t deliver any to Jared.

However, Zeke would still transfer the profits of selling the revitalizing pills into Jared’s account on time,
for Jared was the only one who could provide him with the pills.

Jared hadn’t been in touch with Zeke for some time, so he wondered why Zeke would contact him all of
a sudden.

After the call connected, Zeke’s voice rang out. “Jared, do you still remember me? You didn’t forget
about me, did you?”

“There’s no way I’d forget you, Zeke. You’re the one transferring money into my bank account every
day,” Jared responded cheerfully. “So, why did you call me all of a sudden?”

“Jared, I have good news. I believe you’ll get excited upon hearing the news,” Zeke said excitedly.

“Zeke, I’m busy. Cut to the chase,” came Jared’s answer.

He seemed upset by how Zeke was holding him in suspense.

Sensing his displeasure, Zeke immediately said, “I received news that a decamillennium ginseng was
discovered in the northeast.”

“What?” Jared sprang from the couch.

A decamillennium ginseng was extremely rare. If Jared could get it for himself, he could definitely
increase his power.

Jared was worried about the lack of resources when the decamillennium ginseng appeared out of

“Zeke, are you sure the information is reliable? Don’t lie to me.” Jared didn’t bother to hide his disbelief.

Zeke responded swiftly, “Of course not. I dare not lie to you, Jared. Remember Zyaire Rider from
Goldenbirch Herbs?”

“Yes!” Jared nodded.

“It was Mr. Rider who shared the information with me. His hometown is in the northeast, and he came
to Yeringham when he was young to start a business here. Now, his hometown discovered a
decamillennium ginseng. Knowing that Mr. Rider is involved in the herbs business, they had asked for
his help to spread the word so that they could get a suitable buyer,” Zeke said patiently.

Jared remembered Zeke telling him that Zyaire wasn’t a local of Yeringham. He didn’t expect Zyaire to
be from the northeast.

“Zeke, wait up. I’ll head to Yeringham right away, and we’ll go meet Zyaire together,” Jared said.

He then hung up and changed his clothes, ready to leave.

“Jared, where are you going? Lunch’s almost ready!” Josephine hollered when she saw that Jared had
changed and was about to leave.

“I won’t be joining you for lunch. I have something important to deal with. I’ll be back a few days later,”
Jared informed as he made his way out.

“Where are you going? What about the challenge three days later?” Josephine asked, utterly puzzled.

Jared responded, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back in time for that.”

He was in a hurry so he could get back in time for the challenge three days later. If he could get the
decamillennium ginseng and improved his strength, he wouldn’t need to fear Xander.

“Mr. Chance…” Both Tommy and Phoenix came up to him and greeted him.

“Tommy, get the car. We’re heading to Yeringham now,” Jared commanded.

As Jared seemed to be in a hurry, Tommy and Phoenix didn’t ask questions.

Very quickly, Tommy drove the car over, and the three of them headed to Yeringham.

Tommy floored the accelerator, and it only took them slightly over an hour to reach Yeringham.

After meeting Zeke, Jared said, “Zeke, let’s go meet Zyaire now.”



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