Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 669

The Detoxification Pills

“I was not a martial artist either, and I was merely an ordinary citizen. Yet Draco managed to take me
into spiritual energy cultivation,” Jared refuted.

Jared used to be an ordinary citizen, after all. He was not even a martial artist when he went into
prison. Yet, despite that, he was able to enter into spiritual energy cultivation after spending three years
with Draco.

“You can’t compare her to you. You are…”

Melanie was about to say something else, but Rayleigh shot her a glare. Melanie immediately
swallowed back her words.

Jared glanced at Melanie, and he knew she must know something he didn’t. However, she did not dare
speak about it in front of Rayleigh.

“Jared, it is not impossible for your girlfriend to enter spiritual energy cultivation. But I won’t accept her
as my disciple. I don’t want to ruin her future. Please don’t think I am all mighty. Once you know more
about the heavenly realm, you will find out there are cultivators much more powerful than me.
Nevertheless, I can give you a few detoxification pills. Let your girlfriend eat them to cleanse her body.
Then, you can teach her a set of cultivation methods. It will depend on her effort whether she could
make it or not,” Rayleigh uttered.

“Thanks, Mr. Deragon!” Jared was delighted.

“But I didn’t bring any detoxification pill this time. Do you have herbs here? I just need some ordinary
herbs. I will make some for you. It’s easy to make compared to a body-quenching pill.” Rayleigh said.

“What herbs do you need? I will ask my men to send them here right away.”

Even though it was already late, Jared could arrange for the herbs to be sent here almost immediately.

Rayleigh listed down the herbs he needed. Jared called Tommy and asked the latter to drive to Herb
Palace to get those herbs.

Around three hours later, Tommy came back with the herbs that Jared asked for. By the time Tommy
arrived, it was already midnight.

Tommy was puzzled when he saw one man and one woman suddenly in the mansion. He thought the
woman looked familiar. Only then did he recall she was the one who sent the bronze breastplate here a
few days ago.

After Tommy put down the herbs, Jared asked him to go back to rest. Meanwhile, Rayleigh looked at
the herbs. His hand waved slightly, and a green, spiritual fire started to burn in the air.

The fire kept burning bigger and bigger and eventually turned into a form of a dog. It looked at the
herbs and started eating them.

Jared widened his eyes in awe. It was the first time seeing someone controlling spiritual fire to make a

Soon, the dog formed with spiritual fire consumed all the herbs. The herbs could be seen burning
inside its belly.

Upon seeing that, Rayleigh focused and released more spiritual energy, making the spiritual fire even
larger. Instantly, the whole room was filled with spiritual energy.

Jared was overwhelmed with admiration upon feeling the intense spiritual energy from Rayleigh. He
wondered how long it would take for him to reach such a level.

Surrounded by spiritual energy, the Focus Technique inside Jared’s elixir field automatically activated
and started absorbing the spiritual energy released by Rayleigh wildly.

An arrogant cultivation method like Focus Technique was like a black hole. It sucked all the spiritual
energy around. Meanwhile, the spiritual fire burning the herbs started to fade.

Rayleigh was sweating heavily. However, he did not stop Jared. He took a deep breath and forced
more spiritual energy out of his elixir field.

Melanie was left in awe upon seeing that scene. A while later, she realized what was happening and
glared at Jared.



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