Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 687

A Respected Predecessor

Theodore hurried forward and greeted respectfully, “I’m surprised to see you here, Mr. Knox. It’s indeed
an honor.”

“You have flattered me, General Jackson. I just popped by out of curiosity.” Axton smiled plainly.

“Mr. Knox…”

At that moment, Samuel and Xander took turns to greet him with deference.

When everyone saw the respect accorded to Axton by the big shots, they quickly made way for him, for
they were unable to bear the overwhelming pressure emanating from him.

After giving Axton and Donald a glance, Jared asked in an indifferent tone, “Are both of you planning to
get involved?”

“Mr. Chance, this is Mr. Axton Knox of the Medicine God Sect. The Medicine God Sect is—”

When Theodore sensed Jared’s hostility toward Axton, he quickly introduced Axton and explained who
he was.

However, before he finished, Axton waved for him to stop. He remarked with a chuckle, “General
Jackson, no introductions are needed. Jared and I know each other.”

His words stunned Theodore and Samuel, who wondered when Jared had gotten to know Axton.

As for Xander, a sense of dread crept into him upon learning the same.

If Jared truly knew Axton and was on good terms with him, the Cooper family would no longer dare to
touch him going forward.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize both of you have known each other for a long time,” Theodore apologized

“Not really long. To be precise, it was just last night. Both of them sneaked into my mansion in the
middle of the night to steal my pills. We only knew each other after getting into a fight.”

The moment Jared finished, everyone’s mind was blown, especially that of Samuel and Theodore. It
would never have crossed their mind that Jared had fought Axton before.

On top of that, they were shocked to learn that Axton was trying to steal Jared’s pills given the
Medicine God Sect’s reputation as an honorable faction. They had earned the martial arts world’s
respect having healed and cured many of its members.

It was just that they were known to be mysterious. Therefore, other than the elites or those from
prominent families, the majority of martial artists didn’t know who the members of the Medicine God
Sect were.

Consequently, it was an embarrassment for them to be accused of stealing someone else’s pills.

“Kid, don’t spout nonsense. Since when did we rob you of your pills? Mr. Knox just wanted to take a
look at them. If we really wanted to take them from you, do you think you would still be alive
considering how powerful Mr. Knox is?” Donald retorted loudly as he glared at Jared.

Elated by what he heard, Xander bellowed at Jared, “Precisely. Mr. Knox has achieved the level of a
Martial Arts Grandmaster a long time ago. Even I have to greet him as one of my seniors. Hence, do
you actually think you’re a match for him? Furthermore, the Medicine God Sect is famous for alchemy.

How is it possible that you have something that they want to steal from you? Obviously, you’re just
making baseless accusations.”

As long as he could get Axton to take his side, he no longer had anything to fear from Jared. Moreover,
Jared would be doomed if he was to make an enemy of the Medicine God Sect.

At that moment, Sean looked at Jared as if he was an idiot, wondering if the latter was just faking it
when he offended the men from the Medicine God Sect.

“Mr. Chance, this must be a misunderstanding. Mr. Knox would definitely not do something like that.”

Samuel desperately gave Jared a knowing look.

Oblivious to it, Jared sneered, “By trespassing into my mansion at night, their true objectives couldn’t
be any more obvious.”



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