Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 696


Jared and Tommy drank away as loud music filled the entire place. Seeing the crowd dancing to the
music like that, Jared felt rather relaxed.

Since the time he came out of prison, he hadn’t been at ease like now.

“I guess you’re a ladies’ man, Mr. Chance,” said Tommy out of the blue.

“Huh? What do you mean?” asked Jared in a confused tone.

Tommy didn’t reply. He simply signaled with his eyes. Jared followed his line of sight and saw a lady in
a tight black outfit. She was staring at Jared.

She had a stoic expression on, and the way she moved showed that she didn’t belong with that crowd.

“Huh? Did she stay?”

Jared seemed confused when he saw that girl.

Tommy chuckled. “I have to go now, Mr. Chance. Don’t stay out for too long, though. Don’t forget, you
have two women waiting for you at home.”

Tommy stood up and left. Jared, on the other hand, walked toward the lady with his glass of wine with
him. He sat right down beside her.

“Why haven’t you left? Did you stay just to keep me company?” asked Jared in confusion.

His words prompted the lady to stun a little. She smiled and flashed her pearly whites immediately
after. The beauty she possessed could bring an entire country to its knee. Jared’s heart skipped a beat.

“Is this how you flirt with girls?” asked the lady.

“Flirting? With who? You?” said Jared. He chuckled, then added, “I am not suicidal, so there’s no way
I’d flirt with you. Also, you should stop using that Seduction Technique. It doesn’t work on me.”

He walked right out of the bar afterward. Panic flashed past the lady’s eyes. She hurried to chase after

Jared walked in the front while the lady followed closely behind.

“Why are you following me around? Don’t even think about staying at my place. My girlfriend is there,”
said Jared without holding back.

“You’re a man. Are you really okay with watching a girl like me spend the night on the streets? Perhaps
we can go to a hotel instead?”

The lady looked sultry and was being coquettish to Jared. She was so close to him that her sweet
perfume was drifting right into his nose.

That scent and the way the lady was looking at him… Everything made Jared’s eyes glow. He walked
over as though he were under her hypnosis.

The lady grinned upon seeing that. Her eyes, however, shone with both satisfaction and distaste at the

Jared walked numbly to the lady, but just as she was about to take him away, his gaze instantly cleared
up. He slapped her right on her head and warned, “I’ve told you, Melanie. Your tricks won’t work. If Mr.
Deragon finds out you are still using your Seduction Technique on me, he will surely reprimand you.”

After smacking her across her head, Jared turned around with a smile on his face.

“Melanie? Who is that?” asked the lady, who was instantly confused.

Jared seemed surprised. He turned around to face the lady. “You’re Melanie. Why are you playing
dumb? Don’t tell me you’re pretending to have lost your memories. I won’t buy your lies.”

Jared rolled his eyes at the lady. Man, this woman really knows how to act. She can be a movie star at
this point.

Just as he was sighing, the lady’s figure blurred over. A bright glow from her hand ambushed Jared.

She moved quickly at that moment, and the dagger she had with her was aiming right at Jared’s face.

There wasn’t even a hint of hesitation or mercy.

“Go to hell!”

Her eyes glowed with immense cruelty, and her gaze had more bloodlust than anyone Jared had met.

The mere sight of it dropped his jaw. “What the hell? Are you insane?”

As soon as he finished talking, the incredible aura within him flushed out.

He flicked his finger a little to send a silver needle flying. It hit the dagger and caused a flicker under the
night’s sky.



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