Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 744

I Am Not Leaving

Carlos had absolutely no time to react. Before he knew it, his huge body had been sent flying a few
dozens of meters away before crashing to the ground.

He got up and spat a mouthful of blood instantly.

With a grim look on his face, he said, “It seems like even under my spell, you could still use your internal
energy. I’ve underestimated you, then. However, you’ll feel death creeping in on you soon enough.”

Glaring at him coldly, Carlos waited with bated breath for Jared to die. No one has escaped my spell
before! His body’s going to rot and crumble at any time now!

To his disappointment, Jared was still fine after a few minutes. By then, Carlos had started to panic.

“There’s no need to wait any longer. I’ve already digested your spell! What else do you have under your
sleeves? If you’ve run out of tricks, then it’s about time I end your life,” Jared said nonchalantly.

“That’s impossible!” Carlos widened his eyes in utter shock. How is he still okay after the amount of
negative energy I’ve used?

“What’s impossible? I’ll have you know that none of the poisonous creatures in Mapleton posed a threat
to Jared. So why would you think your puny spell could harm him?” Lyanna mocked while laughing
gleefully. Jared is impenetrable. Even the poisonous wasps couldn’t harm him. So how could Carlos’
negative energy do anything?

“Jared?” Carlos frowned. Why does that name sound so familiar?

Right then, a Senior Grandmaster from Empyrean Sect walked up to Carlos and whispered something
next to his ear.

Suddenly, Carlos’ expression changed dramatically. He gaped at Jared.

“Y-You’re Jared? You’re the one who killed Xander, the Martial Arts Grandmaster?” he asked in

“Correct! That’s me!” Jared nodded.

Upon hearing that, Carlos’ expression soured and he unclenched his fists.

Even though I have black magic, I’m still just a Seventh Level Senior Grandmaster. I’ll only be able to
reach Martial Arts Grandmaster once I’ve absorbed Lyanna’s negative energy. Jared, on the other hand,
has already killed a Level 1 Martial Arts Grandmaster despite the fact that he’s roughly my age. How am
I supposed to fight him? It has always been my dream to become the youngest Martial Arts Grandmaster
in the martial arts world. So how could I accept the fact that Jared is already so far ahead of me? I’ve
already given up my manhood in exchange for the abilities I have now. Yet, I’m still no match for him?
Carlos’ mind was filled with complicated thoughts as feelings of self-pity welled up within him.

“I’m no match for you. Empyrean Sect will not stop you and the others from leaving.” Carlos knew even if
they wanted to, they couldn’t stop Jared from leaving. If Father was here, maybe he could still put up a
fight against Jared. But, not only is he not here, all the elders of the Empyrean Sect have been isolating
themselves for so many years as well. I doubt they’ll return just because of Jared.

“Did I say anything about leaving?” Jared shot Carlos a cold stare. “The negative energy within you is a
rare resource to come by.”

“Huh? Wait, are you cultivating using—” Carlos stopped his speech when he realized he had almost
given himself away. He then added, “I mean, you’re cultivating other forms of magecrafts as well?”

“Nonsense! Why would I cultivate that sort of rubbish? I’m a proper man, got that? It’s just that negative
energy does come in handy for me to train my techniques!” Jared snorted coldly.

In response, Carlos simply stared at him. I can’t give him my negative energy because that’s all I have
left! What would I become if I give away all the negative energy I’ve worked so hard to absorb?



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