Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 762

I Am The Master

“Haha, killing the few of you is no different from crushing a bug! Don’t assume that you’re a genius and
possess the ability to fight me just because you managed to end Carlos and have some knowledge
about spiritual arts. In my eyes, you and everyone else are mere ants!” Curtis guffawed.

On the heels of that, he gestured with both hands wildly. Sparks crackled in the air, and the entire living
room was filled with an invisible force. Even menacing-looking sinister spirits materialized.

Soon, an arcane array visible to the naked eye blinked into existence in the living room. Chains
crisscrossed each other, blocking all avenues out.

“This is Turcoln’s Dragon Crushing Formation. Those trapped within it can never escape, so brace
yourselves for death!”

With a roar from Curtis, blazing fire engulfed the chains, promptly making it as hot as a furnace in the
living room.

An invisible force enveloped them all, and great lethal intent condensed together, feeding into the sinister

“Rearing sinister spirits on malevolent land is indeed impressive,” Jared lamented, his eyes fixated on
the menacing sinister spirits.

“Mr. Chance, we’ll hold him back while you find a way to make a break for it.”

Tommy and Phoenix whipped out their weapons and shielded Jared behind them with resolute
expressions on their faces.

Lyanna, on the other hand, hid behind Jared as she stared at the manic Curtis. Out of the blue, she
waved a hand, and thumb-sized venomous parasites flew toward the latter.

The venomous parasites were exceedingly lethal. With the slightest contact, one would be poisoned and
die. Having lived in Mapleton for twenty years, Lyanna was all too familiar with controlling them.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Dozens of venomous parasites headed toward Curtis. As long as one of them landed on him, he would
be doomed.

“Hmph! You want to hurt me with mere venomous parasites?”

Snorting coldly, Curtis waved a hand. Suddenly, a wide net appeared in front of him and blocked all the
venomous parasites.

In the next second, flames ignited on the net. The venomous parasites were all burned to death after
coming into contact with it and littered the floor.

After decimating them all, the net before him disappeared.

“I’m the master in the Dragon Crushing Formation, so the lot of you don’t need to waste your energy!” he
proclaimed with a smug expression even as he swept a glance over the dead venomous parasites
scattered all over the floor.

Lyanna stared at the dead venomous parasites, anguish washing over her. I reared them painstakingly,
yet they’re all dead now. Besides, I’ve already left Mapleton, so it’s likely that I’ll never find them again!

Tommy and Phoenix exchanged a glance before they both attacked Curtis without warning.

The former held a tiger-headed sword in his hand while the latter had a short sword in her hand. Both
were Grandmasters and possessed great speed, so they wanted to catch the man unaware.

“You’re merely Grandmasters, yet you dare act all high and mighty before me, huh?”

Sneering, Curtis waved a hand. Intense lethal intent condensed into a rope and lashed toward Tommy
and Phoenix.

“Dragon Restraining Shackles!”

A rope entangled Tommy and Phoenix like a snake. They were both restrained in a heartbeat, and the
weapons in their hands fell to the floor.

The rope tightened around them, causing them both to have difficulty breathing. Their faces went deathly

Upon seeing that, Jared utilized his finger like a knife. A ray of light shone from his finger, severing the
rope on their bodies and freeing them.

“Back away,” he orderly calmly after saving them both.

Aware that they weren’t Curtis’ match and couldn’t even lay a finger on him, Tommy and Phoenix could
only obey Jared and retreated behind him.

“You’ve got some tricks up your sleeve that you can actually sever my Dragon Restraining Shackles!”

Curtis’ eyes narrowed a fraction. He again cast spells to draw the energy of heaven and earth, causing
lethal intent to condense ceaselessly. That was a malevolent place, so lethal intent was available



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