Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 795

Rejuvenating Pill

“What is this?” Axton asked, befuddled by the sight.

Kai reached out to take the black sphere clutched in between the Lord of Medicine God Sect’s hands.

As soon as his hands touched the sphere, he could feel the great amount of energy the sphere harbored.
The sphere was a result of the compression of the Lord of Medicine God Sect’s lethal intent. As soon as
it reached a breaking point, it would undergo an earth-shattering change.

Not only would the elders and Kai suffer the wrath of the wretched sphere, but the whole Medicine God

Kai employed the Focus Technique, and his palm turned into a vacuum to absorb the lethal intent into his
body incessantly.

The Lord of Medicine God Sect was stumped as he widened his eyes in disbelief at Kai.

“H-How did you know of the Astral Attraction technique?” the Lord of Medicine God Sect stammered.

Kai said nothing as he absorbed the Lord of Medicine God Sect’s lethal intent. The black sphere in the
latter’s hands was visibly shrinking.

The elders were flabbergasted at the sight. Even though Axton had suspected that Kai knew the Astral
Attraction technique, it was his first time witnessing him applying it.

Astral Attraction was a type of technique that originated from Demonic Cultivation. They could not help
but wonder if he was also practicing Demonic Cultivation since he knew of the technique.

Just when the elders were dumbfounded, the Lord of Medicine God Sect could feel his energy
diminishing inside his body. He retracted a few steps back in shock as he tried to free himself from Kai’s


“Hurry up and seize control of him!” Kai cried out.

Axton and the elders still could not snap out of the shocking revelation and did not strike out in time as
they started to have doubts about Kai’s true identity.

“Hurry up and don’t let him get away!” Kai raised an octave.

Axton gritted his teeth and pressed down on the Lord of Medicine God Sect’s shoulders in an attempt to
stop the latter from running away.

The other elders helped him out afterward as they restrained the Lord of Medicine God Sect.

He struggled and bellowed, “You traitors! I am the Lord of Medicine God Sect! All of you should submit
yourselves to me!”

The Lord of Medicine God Sect turned hysterical as his body shrunk down considerably. Soon, his
strength diminished as well.

After about ten minutes, the Lord of Medicine God Sect’s body had shrunken down to a fraction of his
original size. The man was reduced to a skeleton and widened hollow eyes. There was no longer life to
the once fearsome man.

Only then did Kai release his grip, so did the elders.

With a plop, the body of Lord of Medicine God Sect slumped to the floor. Then, a green pill rolled out of
the man’s body.

The bright green pill exuded a fragrant scent.

“What is this?” Kai asked as he picked up the pill.

“This… this is the rejuvenating pill,” Axton said. “Kai, your friend will be surely be fine after taking this

Kai took a closer look, and he could feel life emanating out of the pill. How fascinating.

“This pill is truly extraordinary. The fact that it exudes life is as if it is breeding new life within…”

Kai injected a fraction of his spiritual sense into the rejuvenating pill as he was curious as to how the pill
was crafted.

To his disappointment, his spiritual sense could only feel that he had entered a teeming and vast green
field. The breath of life was so intense that Kai could not detect the presence of anything else. As a
result, he could not figure out how the pill was crafted.

He shut his eyes, and the Holy Guide to Pill Crafting appeared in his mind. Then again, he could not find
any entries related to the rejuvenating pill.

Kai then thought about how the Holy Guide to Pill Crafting was the previous Lord of Medicine God Sect’s
life work. It was improbable that it would cover every single type of pill there ever was. If that was the
case, the previous Lord of Medicine God Sect would have been the master of pills.



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