Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 800

A Duel

After that, the chaotic sound of footsteps boomed through Medicine God Sect. Many people rushed out
of the place while some of them ran toward it, attempting to search for a place to hide.

Declan’s face darkened when he realized that Medicine God Sect was giving their all just for Kai’s sake.

The surrounding atmosphere turned tense suddenly as both parties raised their weapons, preparing to
make a move.

Once the battle broke out, it would definitely end in bloodshed. Even the commoners of Medicine God
Sect would be affected.

Kai slowly stepped to the front and asked, “Didn’t all of you come to take revenge on me? I’ll give you a
chance to fight me in a duel now. If you win, you can do whatever you want to me…”

He did not want the innocent people of Medicine God Sect to lose their lives because of him. Although
he knew there was a high probability of winning if Medicine God Sect joined in the fight, the fact
remained that there would definitely be casualties.

“My Lord…” Axton became anxious knowing that Kai wanted to fight those people alone.

After all, Kai had lost to Hayden two weeks ago. Hence, he reckoned Kai was certainly incapable to fight
those people alone.

“My Lord…” The other elders were about to persuade Kai not to fight those people alone as well.

Yet, Kai waved his hand to signal for the elders to keep quiet.

Seeing this, Hayden and Declan frowned as they realized that Kai was truly the Lord of Medicine God

If that was the case, both of them would have to reconsider their decision to take Kai’s life.

However, since Kai had taken the initiative to fight them alone, they would not let the opportunity slip.

“Master Naberhaus, I’ll leave Kai to you. Although I can easily take his life, I will not embarrass myself
since you can do it better than me…” said Hayden to Declan politely.

“Sure!” Declan nodded with a confident look. Since Kai was no match for Hayden, it’s definitely
impossible for him to defeat me.

Declan took a step forward and said, “Brat, I’m impressed by your courage. I’ll be sure to end your life
quickly so you’ll suffer less…”

Hearing that, Axton’s face began to fill with anxiousness. “My Lord, Declan is a Master in spiritual arts.
Even I dare not to fight him. You must be careful…”

“Don’t worry. I know what to do.” Kai smiled faintly.

Although Declan was a Master of spiritual arts, Kai was not afraid of him at all. He had mastered divine
martial art, after all, so Declan was definitely no match for him. Moreover, Kai could use Focus Technique
to protect himself. If his enemies tried to use arcane array or any charms on him, they would need to
gather the energy of heaven and earth. By then, Kai could absorb the energy to enhance his capability.

He glanced at Declan and said, “There are too many people here. To avoid harming these innocent
people, shall we take our battle somewhere else?”

He was aware that the impact of a magecraft battle would usually be extremely big.

“Fine, let’s go to the top of the mountain.”

With that, Declan leaped up and flew toward the top of the mountain.

Kai also took a step before he disappeared from everyone’s sight and dashed toward the mountain top.

Worried, Axton went after them with the rest of the elders. At the same time, Hayden brought several
master fighters over as well.

Soon, Kai and Declan were standing face to face with each other at the peak of the mountain.

A cold look filled Declan’s eyes before a wicked gleam appeared.

He swiftly enveloped Kai with his spiritual sense in an attempt to test Kai’s capability. Since Kai dared to
challenge him for a duel, he suspected that the man might be hiding his true capability.

Otherwise, being a Senior Grandmaster, Kai was definitely attempting the impossible to defeat Declan.


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