Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 827

Fallen In Love

When the old man’s aura came in contact with Sylvester’s, they canceled each other out.

Colin’s men took the chance to regroup, and Sylvester frowned. He looked toward Kristoff and the old

Kristoff stepped up and told Colin and Sean, “Can you end this battle here? We’re here to search for
treasures, and if possible, we might get to meet a dragon as well. We don’t have to fight right after we
land on this island.”

Colin took the chance to make his ‘graceful’ retreat. “Since you’re the one asking, I shall let this matter
slide. I’ll kill them off otherwise.”

Jared looked at Colin, and he almost laughed out loud. Man, this guy is funny.

Sylvester wanted to smack Colin for saying that, but since Kristoff was taking Colin’s side, he couldn’t
force the battle to continue. After all, he wasn’t powerful enough to fight two families at once. “Very well
then. If that is what you wish, Mr. Shalvis.” With that, Sylvester left.

“Sylvester!” Sean called out to him, wondering why his brother wasn’t picking a bone with Jared.

“We’re leaving!” Sylvester glared at him.

Left with no choice, Sean could only leave, though someone had to come to his aid. Before he left, he
shot Jared a nasty glare. “You can’t hide behind your women forever, Jared. Remember that.”

After the Coopers had taken their leave, Colin spat at them. “You think you’re all that, huh, a*sholes? You
only got away because I snuck out and managed to bring only a limited number of fighters.”

Hearing that, Kenneth and Kristoff finally understood why Colin’s parents let him come to the island with
only a few Senior Grandmasters as his bodyguard. So this guy snuck out. The Shadow Estate must be in
chaos right now.

After Colin was done flinging his threats, he turned around and asked Renee, “Are you all right, lady?”

Renee looked at him and nodded.

“Well, now that all the unpleasantries are done for, let me introduce myself. I’m Colin.” Colin smiled at her
and extended his hand.

Renee did not shake his hand. She simply answered “Renee” in a quiet tone before she went back to

“We should go now.” Jared and the ladies left. They only had three days, so they had no time to waste

Colin saw her off, and he started to smile dumbly. “Renee, huh? That’s a nice name,” he mumbled to

Kristoff was surprised to see Colin looking like he was in love. “You can’t have fallen for her, can you,

Colin nodded honestly. “Yes, I have.”

Kenneth was surprised as well. “Bruh, you’ve slept with countless women, and you’ve never fallen for
any single one of them. But that girl caught your attention? She’s not even fully developed yet.”

Colin glared at Kenneth. “Don’t you insult my girlfriend, Kenneth! She’s my type.”

Kenneth wasn’t scared of Colin at all, and he roared with laughter. “You’re thinking too highly of yourself,
mate. ‘Your girlfriend?’ She probably doesn’t even like you.”

Kristoff patted Colin’s shoulder. “We know you’re just joking. After all, you’re someone who never sees
things through. I give you two days top before you start to lose your love for her.”



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