Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 846


Like Jared, Colin was on the verge of losing his mind. He ran over and hugged the sculpture-liked
Renee, who still had a smile on her face.

Colin tried to melt the frost with the heat from his body. Clearly, he had fallen for Renee.

“Quick, start a fire! Start a fire right now!” Colin raised his voice and ordered his subordinates.

But how are we going to start a fire under such freezing conditions?

“This is an order! Do it!”

Colin started kicking and bashing his subordinates. However, there was nothing his men could do to fulfil
his wish.

At that moment, Sylvester, who had been observing them from a distance, laid his eyes on the draconic
essence in Jared’s hand. Upon noticing how distracted Jared was, Sylvester exchanged glances with
Sean and immediately charged at Jared.

Jared remained still as if he was not aware of Sylvester’s attack.

Kristoff, however, could not stand there and watch Sylvester snatch the draconic essence away.

“Charge!” Kristoff exclaimed.

He and his men then ran toward Jared. The Martial Arts Grandmaster confronted Sylvester head-on to
stop him from approaching Jared.

“F*ck!” Kenneth cursed. He then yelled at his men, “What are you waiting for? Snatch the draconic
essence at all costs!”

Kenneth and his men, too, ran in Jared’s direction. All three parties started engaging in a three-cornered
battle as they all had their eyes on the draconic essence.

More than ten men began to surround Jared, but no one could get near him.

At that point, Jared was still holding the draconic essence and mumbled, “Why did this happen? Why?”

Josephine and Lizbeth stayed by his side, but as soon as they noticed the turn of events, their
expression turned grim. The two women knew they were incapable of protecting Jared.

“Pull yourself together, Jared. We’re willing to do this for you because we know this is our fate. Eat the
draconic essence and get out of here as soon as possible. We’ll still have to find Flame Dragon and
retrieve its draconic essence. Come on! Time is running out!” Josephine roared at Jared.

“No. That’s enough. I don’t want the draconic essence anymore, and I won’t sacrifice you in exchange for
the draconic essence. I won’t!” Jared looked at Josephine and suddenly pulled her into his embrace.

Tears started rolling down Josephine’s cheeks the minute she felt the heat from his body.

Despite having spent a long time together, they had never been this close.

She said, “Jared, when I first got to know you, I thought I could protect you and provide for you, since I’m
the daughter of the Sullivan family. But in the end, I realized you had been the one who always protected
me. I was ashamed, for I couldn’t help you in any way. To this day, I still feel powerless in the presence of
all your powerful friends and enemies. I’m just not good enough for you.”

She continued, “When Old Mr. Deragon told me about your identity and wanted me to assist you, I knew
I could finally lend you a hand, and I’m willing to do this for you. Let’s go and find Flame Dragon now. We
shouldn’t waste any more time…”

Josephine leaned against Jared’s chest and whispered to him.

“No. I won’t allow any one of you to die for my sake. No way,” Jared said determinedly as he released



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