Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 859

Played For A Fool

Nonetheless, the temptation of the draconic essence was simply too great. If the Deragon family were to
learn of the whereabouts of the draconic essence, the other families wouldn’t stand any chance of
getting their hands on it.

As the others were waffling, Sean suddenly took a step forward. “Mr. Deragon, I know where the
draconic essence is.”

While I’ve got no idea who he is, nor do I know what he meant by the draconic essence, judging from the
situation at present, the Deragon family is definitely extraordinarily powerful. If I were to reveal that Jared
obtained the draconic essence now, he’ll surely die!

“Spit it out!” Godrick pinned his eyes on Sean.

“It was Jared Chance. He swallowed the draconic essence, and he had been taken away,” Sean

“Jared Chance?” Godrick’s brows creased slightly, for he was entirely unfamiliar with that name.

“It was the young man who was taken away by the owner of Shadow Estate earlier. There were two
women with him,” Sean explained.

The instant Godrick heard that, he immediately remembered that he saw Jared just now but didn’t pay
the latter much mind.

Back when Jared landed on the island, he brought Josephine and Lizbeth along. As such, Godrick
misunderstood that the man was a playboy from some wealthy family after witnessing that scene since
he was bringing beautiful women with him to Dragon Island.

“Mr. Deragon, could it be that Jared Chance is the person we’re looking for?” a servant of the Deragon
family whispered in his ear just then.

“Jared Chance. Jared…”

Godrick kept repeating that name, trying his utmost best to recall his impression when he first saw Jared.
Alas, he had zero recollection because his thoughts about the man never went in that direction.

At that time, he was most suspicious of the Demonic Cultivator in the black suit. After all, the latter was
the most powerful among everyone, thus most likely the person the Deragon family was locating.

“Is everything he said the truth, Mr. Shalvis?” Godrick questioned, turning to Kristoff.

Glancing at Sean, Kristoff nodded. “He’s right. It was indeed Jared who had swallowed the draconic
essence. It was also him who severed my arm.”

When Godrick heard that, a flash of surprise flittered across his face.

He’s a Top Level Senior Grandmaster, so how could Jared possibly sever his arm? Could it be that I
made the wrong judgment? Perhaps he had been concealing his capabilities from the very beginning
and deliberately brought a few women to the island to trick me.

“Da*n it!”

Feeling as though he had been played for a fool, he barked at his subordinates, “Set sail! We’re going
back right away!”

“What about those on the island, Mr. Deragon?”

“Let them figure out a way back themselves,” Godrick sneered with a frosty expression on his face.

Soon, the cruise ship set off. Those from the Cooper and Shalvis families, as well as the Thunderstorm
Sect, were much luckier, for they hiked a ride back to Southernshire on the cruise ship.

It was late at night then. In front of the window of a particular hotel in Southernshire, Rayleigh fell into
deep contemplation as he gazed out at the sea that was a near distance away.

“Mr. Deragon, it’s time to rest. You’ve been standing here the entire day,” Melanie coaxed softly after
walking over to him.

Ever since Jared and the others left for Dragon Island, Rayleigh had been standing there. He could see
Dragon Island from there, so he could feel more at ease.

“Go to bed, Melanie. I’ll just stay here for a while longer.”

While saying that, Rayleigh fished out a cigarette and lit it.

He had just taken two puffs before he started coughing incessantly.

“Mr. Deragon, don’t smoke anymore since you have an injury on you.”

Melanie hurriedly patted him on the back.

“It’s okay. It’s an old injury, so it won’t kill me.”

Rayleigh flashed her a smile before he began puffing away once more.

He sustained that injury in his bid to escape the Deragon family’s pursuit. In order to look for Jared, both
he and Draco fled from the Deragon family and had been pursued by the Deragons all this while. In the
blink of an eye, several years had passed.

“You should still rest, Mr. Deragon. Jared and the others only left today, so they couldn’t possibly return
so quickly even if they succeed in securing the draconic essence.”

Melanie still tried to persuade Rayleigh further.



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