Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 862

Spoke At Long Last

“Oh, well!”

Renalia heaved a sigh.

The maid was just about to speak further when she realized that Ryker had actually walked in. Such
terror struck her that she hastily placed the food down and left.

Ryker glanced at the maid who hurried out before saying to Renalia, “Renalia, is the food I had them
prepare to your liking?”

His voice was filled with concern as though he wasn’t the one confining her.

In response, Renalia rolled her eyes at him without saying anything in return. She had long since
gotten accustomed to his pretentiousness.

Throughout the years, she had never uttered a single word to him. No matter how great the agony
inflicted upon her, never once did she break her silence.

Likewise, Ryker was seemingly used to her expression. He casually sat down at the table and picked
up the fork, taking some food and sampling it.

“This salad is a bit too salty. This pumpkin soup isn’t smooth enough either. Oh, there’s steak. I
remember that this was your favorite back when you were young.”

While sampling the food, Ryker kept up a running commentary with Renalia. However, Renalia kept
mum, so it was as though he was talking to himself.

After taking a few bites, Ryker wiped his mouth and stood up.

“Renalia, I never expected you to have a son in this world. Besides, that son of yours has very likely
secured the draconic essence. It looks like he’s aware of his identity, hoping to come and save you. I
actually hope he’ll come to the Deragon residence soon enough so that I can get to know my nephew
better. After all, he must have suffered much in all these years he had been adrift out there,” he
remarked languidly.

When Renalia heard all that, a hint of worry flashed across her initially expressionless face. It was
fleeting, but even so, Ryker managed to catch it.

At the sight of that, Ryker grinned from ear to ear, his smugness evident.

“It has been more than twenty years, but you never once revealed the secret I wish to know. I couldn’t
do anything to you, but now, I’ve got a nephew. Say, if that nephew of mine begs you to speak then,
you won’t remain silent anymore, will you? The two of you will be able to meet each other soon. I’ve
already sent some men out to escort that nephew of mine home. Haha…”

Having said that, he laughed uproariously, convinced that God was on his side. If it weren’t for this
nephew of mine who appeared abruptly, I’d probably never be able to learn the secret I wanted to

Renalia’s eyes brimmed with hatred as she glared at the man who was guffawing maniacally. She knew
that he was already a lunatic then and had no qualms doing anything at all.

“If you dare hurt my son, I’ll haunt you even in death!”

She spoke at long last. That was the first time she ever spoke to him in almost twenty years.

Hearing her speak to him, Ryker was stunned for a moment before he instantly started cackling
maniacally again. “Dear Renalia, he’s my nephew, so how could I possibly hurt him? Don’t worry!”

When he walked out of the dungeon, he wore a gratified and triumphant expression. The more she
cares about her son, the more likely I’ll be able to learn the secret I want to know!

In the days to follow, many people searched for Jared frantically. Shadow Estate became the target of
public criticism, for Leviathan was the one who took the man away at the end of the day.

At that moment, Jared was cultivating in solitary training at the Medicine God Sect and knew nothing
about the happenings in the outside world.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

In the entire month, he hadn’t shifted places or moved, let alone consumed a bite of food or a drop of

With the spiritual energy perpetually emitted by the draconic essence, he didn’t have to worry about his
spiritual energy running out. All he needed to do was to cultivate ceaselessly.



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