Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1035

Too Much Of A Coincidence

The next morning, Walter and William got up from bed early. They had bought tickets for a luxury
cruise. Just the night before, Walter had given Lizbeth one of them.

“Lizbeth, it’s been a long time since you accompanied me on my trips. This time, let’s have a good time
over the next two days.” Walter handed the tickets to Lizbeth.

Fearing for Jared’s safety, Lizbeth followed Jared to the city. Therefore, if she was to join Walter on the
trip, she wouldn’t be able to find Jared.

“Grandpa, I—”

Even though she wanted to decline, she didn’t know how to convey it.

“What are you hesitating for? Don’t you want to go on a trip with me? Are you resenting me because
I’m old?” Walter asked with a glum expression.

“No, No.” Lizbeth waved her hands frantically.

“If not, you should just come along with us.”

Walter grabbed her without giving her a choice.

Soon, all of them arrived at the harbor which was packed like sardines. While there were many ships
anchored there, one was exceptionally massive. Evidently, it was the luxury cruise that Walter and his
companions were going on.

As tickets for the cruise cost a bomb, their boarding gate wasn’t as crowded. Moreover, all the
passengers were prominent characters and were dressed in expensive clothing. After all, ordinary folk

couldn’t afford to go on such a luxurious cruise.

After having their tickets checked and boarding the ship, Lizbeth kept turning around to see where
Jared was.

However, with the crowd numbering in the thousands, trying to look for him was like finding a needle in
the haystack.

“Lizbeth, what’s wrong with you today? Are you looking for someone?” Walter asked when he saw her
turning around repeatedly.

“It’s nothing. I was just taking a casual look.” Lizbeth eked out a faint smile.

Standing on the ship’s deck and watching it cast off gradually, Lizbeth was filled with concern for Jared.

She was extremely worried because Theodore had told her how insidious Skylar was.

In the midst of her thoughts, she was suddenly jolted by three approaching auras.

Most of the passengers on the ship were ordinary folk. Even if there were any martial artists, they
would probably be those who trained in internal energy. Therefore, Tommy and Phoenix were more
than capable of crushing any threats.

Nonetheless, Lizbeth could sense from the three auras that their owners were stronger than her.

When she looked in the direction of the auras, she was surprised to see that it was Jared and his

The moment she saw him, her first reflex was to hide, for she was worried that he would be angry with
her for disobeying and following him. After all, he had advised her against doing so.

Nevertheless, Jared had noticed Lizbeth’s presence too. The moment he saw her, he was slightly
shaken. Even then, he didn’t go over and greet her.

“Jared, what’s wrong?” Skylar asked when he sensed the change in Jared.

“Oh, it’s nothing. It might just be the cold sea breeze. Let’s go back in,” Jared replied plainly.

“Sure!” Skylar nodded.

Just when Jared turned around to return to the cabin, someone suddenly shouted at him, “Jared!”

The next moment, a group of people walked up to him.

Turning around to look, he furrowed his brows at the sight of William, Walter, Tommy, and Phoenix,
approaching him with delighted expressions.

Given how the situation had developed, it would be unconvincing for Jared to pretend that he didn’t
know them.

Left without a choice, Lizbeth joined the group that walked over.

Steeling himself, Jared went up to them and greeted, “Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Grange.”

“Jared, it’s such a coincidence to run into you here. Just last night, I was surprised to see Lizbeth. And
today, here you are,” Walter remarked in surprise.



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