Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1038

The Auction

Upon the realization, Jared began to admire the owner of the cruise ship.

Soon, all of them arrived at the auction venue after being guided by the ship’s crew.

When Jared saw how packed it was, he figured that the rich loved to collect antiques since there was
no point in having so much money but not spending it.

Moreover, antiques were also considered investments. If one could pick up something of value, it would
definitely be a profitable trade.

As the auction rules required a deposit for entry, Walter paid the one million stipulated before everyone
was allowed to enter.

After finding a secluded corner, the group took their seats and quietly waited for the auction to begin.

Right after that, Jared saw Skylar and Karl enter. However, both of them took their seats some distance

While waiting, Walter rubbed his palms together in excitement.

“William, if I find something good and am short, you must lend me a hand!” Walter whispered as he
leaned closer to William.

“Mr. Grange, don’t worry. I’ll definitely back you up.” William nodded with a smile.

“Mr. Grange, here’s a card. I don’t know how much money is in there, but there should be a few billion.
Take it first, and bid whatever you fancy with it.”

Jared took out a bank card and handed it over to Walter.

The money from the card had come from the sales of medicinal herbs and mining for precious stones.
Having delegated the businesses to someone else, he would receive a continuous stream of income
into the card.

“No, I can’t take your money. You still have plenty of use for it!” Walter waved his hand to decline.

Walter was aware that Jared needed to purchase lots of herbs and resources on his cultivation journey.
Therefore, he still had plenty of use for his money.

Unknown to him, Jared had reached the stage where he seldom needed spiritual stones or herbs for
his cultivation. On top of that, he was now the Lord of Medicine God Sect with unlimited access to
herbs. Just the Thousands of Miles Away painting alone was enough for Jared to fulfill his cultivation

“Mr. Grange, take it. I don’t have anything to spend this money on for now.”

Jared stuffed the card into Walter’s hand.

When Walter was about to refuse again, Lizbeth persuaded, “Grandpa, you should take it. After all,
we’re one family now.”

Lizbeth’s words stunned Walter for a fleeting moment before he burst into hearty laughter. “That’s right,
I’ll take it since we’re family after all.”

Realizing her slip of tongue, Lizbeth blushed at once.

“Mr. Grange, since we’re all family going forward, feel free to let me know anytime you’re short,” William
added with a smile.

Both Walter and William had no objections to Jared having a relationship with Lizbeth and Josephine at
the same time.

Cognizant of how extraordinary Jared was, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to them that Jared would
have a harem one day.

Soon, the host of the auction came on stage to kick off the event.

“For today’s auction, we are honored to have Mr. Wood grace the occasion. Therefore, let’s me invite
him up here to say a few words.”

Just as the host spoke, a pot-bellied man with a big beard came on stage.

He was Freddy Wood, the most powerful man in Southernshire. He controlled the entire harbor in the
city along with the ships berthed there. Even the cruise ship they were on belonged to him. Evidently,
Freddy’s wealth could easily outshine many of the prominent families from Jadeborough.

In addition, he was also a martial artist and possessed the strength of a Grandmaster. Rumor had it
that he used to be a fisherman. One day, he caught a big fish with a pearl inside its belly. After
swallowing the pearl, his strength increased significantly, allowing him to control the entire harbor.

Throughout the years, Freddy’s fleet retrieved many antiques from the sea. As he was an uncultured
man, he had no interest in them at all. Therefore, he chose to put them on auction and grew his wealth
further from the sales proceeds. As time went on, he managed to establish his position within the city.



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