Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1103


In the Warriors Alliance of Jadeborough, Zion stood before five katana-wielding samurais who were
dressed in kimonos.

They were the assassins sent by the Watanabe family from Jetroina.

Being Eighth Level Martial Arts Grandmasters, every one of their expressions was cold and haughty.

“These are the men sent by the Watanabe family, President Zeigler,” Warren reported. “I did not dare
send them forth since I don’t have any news on Jared for the past few days. Moreover, the Department
of Justice has people all over the place looking for them.”

Zion studied the assassins sent by the Watanabe family, and a sudden smirk of disdain spread across
his lips.

“Despite all I’ve heard about the Watanabe family’s influence in Jetroina, I can’t believe they’ve only
sent five men of such quality here. Is this a reflection of their power?”

Zion was highly doubtful that the five assassins, who were only Eighth Level Martial Arts
Grandmasters, would be able to kill Jared.

Although Eighth Level Martial Arts Grandmaster was only a step away from Top Level, the difference in
power between the two was immense.

The same could be said for Top Level Martial Arts Grandmaster, who was only half a step away from
half Martial Arts Marquis, but their respective powers were worlds apart.

And half Martial Arts Marquis to Martial Arts Marquis was a different level altogether.

A Martial Arts Marquis would be qualified enough to run his own sect in Jadeborough.

“F*ck you!” One of the samurais burst out as he glared at Zion. “The Watanabe family has many
Grandmasters. There is no need to mobilize our best fighters just to kill an insignificant Chanaean.”


With a wave of Zion’s arm, a burst of energy struck the samurai’s face and sent him flying backward
from the impact.

“Were it not for me, you would have all gone to prison by now!” Zion thundered. “How dare you talk
back to me?”

He did not take them too seriously as they were only a handful of Eighth Level Martial Arts

The samurai who got slapped could only manage a resentful glare at Zion without daring to say another

Zion’s slap was an obvious display of his power.

Yamato entered at that moment, wearing a faint smile. “They are but a couple of servants, President
Zeigler. There’s no need to get so worked up.”

Zion returned Yamato’s smile. “Seems like the samurais from Jetroina are not very powerful, Mr.
Namura. Not to mention their manners could also use some polishing. They tend to run their mouths.”

Yamato roared with laughter. “Hahaha! Don’t hold a grudge with them, President Zeigler. I will deal with
them when we get back.”

“Mr. Namura.”

The five samurais sank into deep bows at the sight of Yamato.


Yamato slapped the samurai who had spoken rudely to Zion earlier across the face.

“Heed my words!” Yamato growled, his scowl frightening to behold. “I don’t care how powerful the
Watanabe family is in Jetroina. We are on Chanaean soil right now. Restrain yourselves if you want to
return home alive. Don’t lose your lives here before completing your mission.”

The samurais from Jetroina were so fearful they did not even dare breathe. As powerful as the
Watanabe family was, they did not dare go against their government officials. Yamato, being the envoy
of Jetroina, afforded them no place for disrespect.

“Yes, sir!” the samurais replied hastily as one.

“There’s no need for you to punish them for my sake, Mr. Namura. Anyway, I have completed the
matter you asked of me. You can take them away now.”

Zion had borne considerable risk in smuggling the assassins into the country and would very much like
to get rid of the hot potatoes at that moment.

It wasn’t until Yamato took the men away did Zion finally heave a sigh of relief.

“I hope you would keep an eye out on Jared’s whereabouts, President Zeigler,” Yamato said cordially.
“After all, you want nothing more than to kill him as well, am I right?”

Zion waved an arm. “How would I know where Jared is? You should conduct your own investigation.”



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