Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1177

Jared knew that he likely couldn’t have killed Quintus if Xavier hadn’t discovered the secret of the
latter’s magecraft back then.

“Jadeborough has become considerably quieter while you were away, Mr. Chance. But Howard from
the Dunn family came multiple times in search of you. I wonder if he has some business with you,”
Theodore reported to Jared.

Jared’s brows furrowed slightly when he heard that.

“Why was Howard looking for me?”

Could it be that there’s something serious that Howard came over to look for me multiple times?

“I’m not sure either, but he said to phone him after you had returned to Jadeborough!” Theodore

Hearing that, Jared took out his phone and gave Howard a call.

After all, he found Howard pretty decent. That aside, the man once helped him. Thus, he reckoned that
the latter might have encountered some difficulties that he was seeking him out so urgently.

When Howard received Jared’s call, he was elated beyond words. He told the latter to wait for him at
the Department of Justice while he sped over right away.

At that very moment, a grand banquet was in the works at the Dunn residence.

Sitting at the main seat, Lachlan waited silently for Jared to come.

“Old Mr. Dunn, the fact that Jared killed the sect leader of Malison Sect, Quintus Zabel, is proof of his
superb capabilities. What if he resists when we forcibly detain him?” Lachlan’s butler, Maddox Smith,

“Don’t worry, for I’ve long since considered that!”

The corners of Lachlan’s mouth curled up. He took out a pill that was crystal clear, very much beautiful.

“What is this, Old Mr. Dunn?” Maddox queried, curious.

“This is known as an energy-constraining pill. Anyone who consumes it won’t be able to unleash his
capabilities, no matter how powerful he is. At that time, Jared will be at our mercy!” Lachlan explained

Upon hearing that, Maddox hastily uttered, “I heard that he has close ties to Medicine God Sect. In fact,
there are even rumors that he is the Lord of Medicine God Sect. Wouldn’t we be making a fool of
ourselves before an expert if we were to drug him? He’d definitely know.”

At that, Lachlan cast a glance at the man. “Let me tell you this—this energy-constraining pill is colorless
and odorless. It dissolves immediately in water, so no one can tell that the water has been spiked. Even
if he is the Lord of Medicine God Sect, he’ll never be able to discern it!”

“I see!” Maddox nodded. But in the next second, he questioned, “But what about Mr. Dunn if we were to
do so? He would definitely object if he were to learn about it.”

“I’ll make an excuse to send Howard on an errand. As long as we manage to gain of Jared, the
draconic essence within him will be mine in no time.”

Lachlan’s eyes brimmed with greed.

“What happens after we obtain the draconic essence? If we were to let him go, he’d definitely return to
seek revenge after he recovers his capabilities,” Maddox asked.

“Are you f*cking stupid? Who said we’re going to let him go? After we obtain the draconic essence,
we’ll kill him straight away. We can’t be setting ourselves up for trouble, no?” Lachlan lambasted,
irritated by the endless questions.

“But if Mr. Sanders were to learn that we killed him, we’ll be in trouble,” Maddox reminded in a whisper,
shrinking into himself.

By then, Lachlan was so livid that his face flushed bright red. He knocked Maddox on the head.

“Why the h*ll did I employ a butler like you? Even if we kill him, we can never admit to it. It so happens
that Skylar Norton has a grudge against him. Thus, we’ll make it seem like the doing of the Norton
family. Then, Mr. Sanders will only have the Norton family to blame. It’ll be good if the Norton family is
destroyed. With that, we’ll have one less competitor in Jadeborough!”

Maddox didn’t dare speak further but zipped his mouth.

Lachlan snagged the coffee pot and dropped the energy-constraining pill into it. After that, he gently
swished it a few times.

In the end, he opened it and took a sniff before nodding in satisfaction.

He then waited for Jared to arrive before tricking him into drinking the coffee.



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