Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1271


The famous restaurant in Jadeborough was the favorite spot where many martial artists loved to hang
out. While everyone enjoyed their dinner, two shapely and beautiful ladies entered the restaurant and
instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

The ladies, namely Melanie and Lyanna, ignored their gazes and took their seats. They didn’t visit the
restaurant for food but with an ulterior motive.

After sitting down, Lyanna and Melanie fixated their gazes on two adults who had their meals not far
from them. Apart from Martial Arts Grandmasters’ aura, the words “Norton” was embroidered on their

Given the special outfit, the two adults undoubtedly came from the Norton family.

After a while, a waitress came over and asked Lyanna and Melanie, “Ladies, what would you like to

“Oh, I’m sorry. We’re waiting for someone and will order later,” Lyanna replied to the waitress.

After the waitress turned around and left without saying a word, Melanie and Lyanna continued staring
at the two Nortons.

Upon noticing the gazes, the two Nortons turned around to look at Melanie and Lyanna.

The two of them exchanged glances and flashed each other a wry smile. Then, they stood up in unison
and sat at the same table with Melanie and Lyanna.

“Young ladies, would you mind if we sit here with you?” one of them asked.

“Of course not. Why would we say no if someone is willing to pay the bill?”

Lyanna smiled and winked flirtatiously at the one who stood next to her.

Instantly, the man looked at Lyanna with his gleaming eyes and a grin on his face.

The other man who sat beside Melanie was also mesmerized by her alluring gaze.

“Boys, it’s too packed here. Shall we go to another place?” Lyanna suggested.

Deep down, she knew the two Nortons had been seduced by them.


Both of them nodded in response.

Soon, Melanie and Lyanna left the restaurant with the two men.

After they entered an alley, Lizbeth suddenly emerged and waved her dagger.

The next moment, the two Nortons collapsed and lay in a pool of blood.

After murdering them, Lizbeth and the rest quickly fled the scene to look for their next target.

They resorted to the method of slowly killing every Norton.

In merely two days, they had killed more than ten people from the Norton family with the same method.

Meanwhile, David paced up and down with uneasiness in the living room of the Norton residence.

In just two days, more than a dozen people in the Norton family had died.

Even though only a few in Jadeborough’s martial arts world would dare to lay a finger on them, David
still had no idea who the mastermind was.

“Trash! All of you are a bunch of trash! Why can’t you find any clues after two days?” David roared at
the higher-ups of the Norton family.

In that situation, everyone only lowered their heads and kept mum.

“Dad, it’s clear that the mastermind is targeting the Norton family. Based on my investigation, two
women are likely to be responsible for it!” Skylar said to David.

David frowned upon hearing it. “Two women? Some of those who died were Martial Arts
Grandmasters. Which women are stronger than them?”

“The two ladies aren’t strong enough. Among a dozen of Nortons who died, only two of them were
Martial Arts Grandmasters. After we keep our guards up, they only targeted Senior Grandmasters.”

Skylar paused for a while and added, “Hence, they are not strong. It was likely that they could kill the
two Martial Arts Grandmasters by seducing them to let their guards down.”

“Continue to investigate and find the two women at all costs. I want to know who the hell targets the
Norton family…” David bellowed.

Skylar nodded in response and left to investigate the matter with his subordinates.



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