Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1286

Escape Silently

The enormous wave of energy spread in all directions. The ones who thought they had backed away
far enough were sent flying when the energy hit them, while the weaker ones were killed instantly, their
bodies ground into pieces.

They were just there to catch a glimpse of a good show. No one expected they would end up dying.
Gritting his teeth, Jared braced himself in the face of the horrifying wave of energy. David, on the other
hand, was sent stumbling backward.

Bang! After the thunderous sound echoed, the scary beast flew up in the air as multiple flashes of lights
erupted afterward. Just like that, the beast vanished into thin air.

Meanwhile, the golden dragon roared and went back inside Jared’s body.

The latter let out a sigh. He, too, was surprised by what he had done. After achieving Nascent Soul, the
Power of Dragons has gotten a lot stronger, too.

The crowd was staring at Jared in disbelief, gulping hard. David’s Blood Demon Seal was activated by
burning his blood essence. That’s something he had been cultivating through the years! As for the
beast, that was a representation of David’s peak! Even so, he still didn’t stand a chance against Jared!

“How is this possible? How could this be?” David was utterly devastated. I’ve already used up all my
tricks, and I still failed to defeat Jared! His current strength is unlike a few days ago. Though he had
only achieved his level, there seems to be a huge gap between my strength and his. There’s no way I
can win against him.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Jared eyed David coldly.

David remained silent, but his aura was quickly depleting. As a result, he became an ordinary person.

His hair turned white, and he looked like an elderly man who was about to die.

In fact, he no longer looked like the head of a martial arts family, and he was no longer full of

Seeing that, everyone at the scene knew David was completely beaten.

As for the members of the Norton family, they were starting to panic because David’s defeat would
mean their deaths were approaching.

Thud! Thud!

The members of the Norton family kneeled before Jared to beg for their lives. They were also begging
David to save them.

When Skylar realized David had been beaten, a cold glint flashed across his eyes. After that, he silently
made his way toward the courtyard.

Upon arriving there, he used the Norton residence’s secret tunnel to flee from the scene.

Seeing the members of the Norton family falling to their knees, David looked crushed and helpless.

“I’ve lost, Jared. Do whatever you want with me, but please let the others live. Please let my son live.”
Knowing that he was going to die, David hoped that the rest of the Norton family could be spared.

“Do you think that’s possible? Did the Norton family spare the people of the Village of Villains back
then? Dozens of them died for me. It’s my responsibility to avenge their deaths!” Jared’s eyes were
filled with murderous intent. He was not going to spare anyone from the Norton family because they all
had blood on their hands. If I show them mercy, I’m being cruel to myself. Besides, there’s no room for
sympathy in the martial arts world. I’m no saint. Whoever dares to cross me shall die!

“I’m willing to give you all the resources and magical items the Norton family owns. I’ll give you
everything. All I ask for is that you spare my son.” Without knowing that Skylar had already made his
escape, David was still worried about the latter.



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