Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1303

The Entrance To The Dungeon

Amon’s body kept shuddering, and his face contorted in agony. It appeared as though he was suffering
excruciating pain.

“You Demonic Cultivators should also get a taste of what it feels like to have your energy and powers
drained out of you…”

At that moment, the expression on Jared’s face was cold and cruel.

Soon, Amon’s body started shrinking and shriveling until all that was left was a tiny heap of skin and
bones on the ground.

After witnessing Amon’s gruesome death, the remaining three men fell into stunned silence.

They had always relied on absorbing the essence of others to increase their strength, but it never
crossed their minds that the day would come when they would have their powers drained from them.

Jared flicked his finger lightly, and a ball of blue flame fell onto Amon’s corpse, swiftly burning it to

Shaking like a leaf, Bes turned to Jared and said, “J-Jared, we bear no grudges or harbor any enmity
against you. I hope you can let us go. The one you’re looking for is the Warriors Alliance, and we’re not
one of them!”

“Where’s Zion?” Jared asked icily.

Bes shook his head. “I don’t know either. Perhaps he’s in the backyard.”

Gazing at the thoroughly shaken trio, Jared waved his hand and removed the Restricted Space.

“Take me to the Warriors Alliance’s dungeon now,” he said to them.

“We… We don’t know how to open the doors to the dungeon. President Zeigler was always the one
who brought us in,” Bes responded, his voice barely above a whisper.

In a frosty tone, Jared replied, “All you need to do is take me there. Whether or not the doors can be
opened is none of your business.”

Looking at Jared, Bes asked, “T-Then if we take you there, can you let us go?”

As soon as those words fell from Bes’ lips, Jared’s eyes blazed with murderous intent. “Are you
negotiating with me?”

Then, Jared’s palm flashed with golden light as he grabbed at Bes.

Before Bes could react, Jared had caught hold of him, and the martial energy in his body started
draining rapidly. Within tens of seconds, all that remained of Bes was a pile of bones.

Chike and Darius were so horrified that they nearly wet themselves.

They could not help cursing Zion inwardly.

What a powerful opponent! Zion sends the four of us to our deaths while he’s nowhere to be seen!

Fixing his gaze on Chike and Darius, Jared uttered coldly, “The two of you shall take me there.”

“Yes, of course…”

They nodded vigorously and led Jared to the backyard.

Neither of them dared to make any sudden movements. After leading Jared over to a stretch of artificial
rockery, they pointed to an opening in the rocks and said, “This is the way to the dungeon…”

“You two go in first,” Jared said as he pointed at the cave’s entrance.

They dared not say anything, heading straight in while Jared followed behind.

They had not gone far before they saw a massive pair of gates.

The gates were bronze-colored, and carved into the gates were two lion heads. They looked quite

“We don’t know how to open these gates. Only President Zeigler can open them,” Chike said in a
trembling voice.

Jared studied the gates for a moment, then walked over and lightly placed a palm on them.

Thinking of spreading his spiritual sense into the dungeon to investigate, a burst of spiritual sense
streaked forth.

However, just as it appeared, something seemed to block its path.

Although his spiritual sense was not cut off, there was no way for it to enter the dungeon.

Jared lifted his hand, and with his palm illuminating a golden light, he slammed hard onto the gates.

He had used a lot of force, but even so, nothing happened after he struck the gates.

There was not even a sound. It was as though the force he exerted had disappeared upon touching the

Furrowing his brows, Jared slammed his palm against the gates again.

Although sweat drenched Jared’s forehead after repeating the action several times, the gates still did
not budge in the slightest.



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