Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1341


The veins on Zion’s temple popped. He never thought that Jared’s last attack would be that mighty.
When he cast his eyes to the spot a short distance away from him, he saw Jared lying on the ground,

After inching his way there, he found out that Jared was no longer breathing, and the latter was
covered in injuries. “F*ck, this boy is ruthless. I can’t believe he tried to kill me at the expense of his
life,” Zion swore as he looked at Jared’s body.

Nevertheless, he was relieved that Jared was dead, for he could finally hand in a report to his higher-
ups. Just as Zion was about to turn and leave, he suddenly paused in his tracks, seemingly having
thought about something.

Then, he turned around and returned to Jared before lifting his foot. The next thing he did was slam his
foot down on Jared’s chest. A hole immediately formed on Jared’s chest, revealing the organs in his
body. It was only then Zion was certain that Jared was dead.

He was afraid that the other man would suddenly pop back into the living world. After all, David had
supposedly killed Jared a while back and even took photos of the latter’s body. Yet, somehow, Jared
returned to life.

Zion was fearful that Jared would come back to life after he left, and that was why he had stomped on
Jared’s body. Not even God would be able to save Jared in this state. And so, Zion left in relief.

Once again, news of Jared’s death spread across the martial arts forum. The last time that happened,
David was the one who posted it. This time, it was the Warriors Alliance.

Jared has already died twice before. I wonder if this time’s permanent.

Warriors Alliance is the one who announced his death this time, and President Zeigler was the one who
killed him, so I doubt there’s any mistake there.

Jared’s insane. He just had to cross Warriors Alliance. He really had a death wish.

Jared was murdered the moment Mr. Sanders stopped supporting him. This is how the real world

The people were in a heated discussion on the martial arts forum, but most had chosen to trust
Warriors Alliance.

After all, Zion was the one who killed Jared himself. It was highly unlikely that Jared would survive.

Both the people of the Village of Villains and Medicine God Sect were devastated upon discovering
Jared’s death.

Even Cecilia and Millie of Crimson Palace were taken aback when they heard the news. They could not
believe that Jared was no longer with them in this world. After all, he had once promised to visit them.

Meanwhile, Jared’s body was lying in the wilderness. It had been three days since the battle, but the
scent of blood was still thick there.

A few eagles circled the air in the vicinity. They had noticed the corpses on the ground.

After making sure that there was no danger lurking around, the eagles flew down and began digging
into the bodies of the Warriors Alliance members.

One of the eagles walked toward Jared. When it saw the bloody hole in Jared’s chest and the exposed
organs, it opened its beak and pecked downward.

Right then, a beam of white light flickered from inside Jared’s body, scaring the eagle away.

In Jared’s body, a palm-sized Nascent Soul flickered with white rays. The chest of the Nascent Soul
had a visible bloody hole as well.

The white light proceeded to cover the Nascent Soul before covering Jared’s entire body as well.

Then, the wounds on his body started to recover. Even the ruptured organs were regrowing.

After what seemed like forever, Jared’s finger abruptly moved. A moment later, he slowly opened his

Jared let out a heavy sigh as he gazed at the dim sky.

After climbing to his feet with some difficulty, he began studying his uninjured body. At last, he smiled.

He had never experienced the rebirth of his flesh body. When Jared had chosen to kill Zion at the
expense of his life, he had been afraid that he might die for good.



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