Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1379

Too Arrogant

Cecilia went pale when she spotted Tobias standing before her. Everyone else also blanched in horror.
Millie hid behind Cecilia fearfully.

“Where is Jared Chance? I want to see him now and the person who ambushed me. Tell them to come
out. Now!” Tobias roared angrily.

“Jared isn’t here,” Cecilia replied in a trembling voice.

“Nonsense! I sent my men to keep an eye on Crimson Palace. Jared never left!” Tobias glared at her.
“You’d better ask him to come out now, or I shall tear Crimson Palace down!” he declared arrogantly.

As his words fell, he unleashed a horrifying aura that engulfed everyone in Crimson Palace. The
pressure from a Martial Arts Marquis was too horrendous.

At once, a few weak disciples of Crimson Palace spat out blood and collapsed to the ground. Cecilia
released her aura to go against Tobias’ strong aura, but she was no match for Tobias even though she
had done her best.

In the blink of an eye, her resistance was crushed into pieces. “Let me repeat myself. Tell Jared to
come out,” Tobias ordered icily. Cecilia insisted, “Jared isn’t in Crimson Palace. I-I’m telling the truth.
You can search the place if you don’t trust me.”

There was no way Cecilia could summon Jared, for she did not even know where he was.

“Ha! Trying to deceive me, huh?” Tobias snorted.

He then emerged before Cecilia in a flash and grabbed her throat.

Cecilia could not breathe, and her cheeks turned crimson red.

“Let Cecilia go!” Seeing that, Millie rushed forward and slapped Tobias, hard.

A cold gleam appeared in Tobias’ eyes as he sent Millie flying with a mere wave, resulting in the latter
spewing out blood and crashing onto the ground.

“Millie!” Cecilia screamed in shock.

Seeing her reaction, Tobias realized she cared a lot about her sister. He ended up releasing her and
promptly sucked Millie over with his energy.

“Cecilia, you’d better summon Jared right now. Otherwise, there is no telling what I’ll do to your sister,”
he warned.

To everyone’s shock, he leaned down and sniffed Millie’s neck.

A frightened Millie started struggling with all her might as she cried helplessly.

“No, no!” Cecilia hollered in despair. Her eyes were filled with helplessness and fear.

She was not afraid of dying, but there was no way she would watch as her sister got harmed right
before her eyes!

“If you don’t want her to get hurt, get Jared to come out now!” Tobias gave his final warning, his
patience wearing thin.

Covering her face, Cecilia sobbed helplessly. She was at a loss about what to do.

Where can I find Jared?

At her most dejected moment, a hand patted her shoulder gently.

Despite her shock, Cecilia felt a familiar sensation.

She whipped her head up to see Jared giving her a comforting look.

“Jared!” Cecilia threw herself into Jared’s arms.

Finally, help was here.

Jared patted her silky hair in a comforting manner to calm her down.

“Jared, you finally have the guts to show yourself, huh?” Tobias roared furiously.

“Let Millie go. Otherwise, I’ll make your life a living hell,” Jared told him, his voice as cold as ice.

Hearing that, Tobias burst out laughing. “Ha! Look how arrogant you are! If you hadn’t gotten help from
someone who ambushed me, I would’ve taken your life, and you would’ve been dead by now! Stop



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