Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1445


Jared continuously sent spiritual energy to Renee’s body while in Bliss City. The spiritual fire in his
palm leaped constantly. “Wake up, Renee. Wake up!”

Jared shouted anxiously. It was the fourth time Renee’s body had received spiritual energy to melt the
ice off her. Jared would only stop every time after exhausting all the spiritual energy in his elixir field.

Though it had been four times, Renee still had not moved at all. The spiritual energy transferred by
Jared was as good as lost.

The spiritual energy in Jared’s body became exhausted yet again, but Renee’s state remained

Jared heaved a long sigh. He still could not save Renee despite having consumed almost half of the
beast cores on the ground.

Helpless, Jared readied himself to begin cultivating again. He would continue rescuing Renee after
recovering the spiritual energy in his elixir field.

When Jared was about to cross his legs to sit, a white light flashed suddenly across his chest.

Then, the draconic essence in Jared’s body seemed to react and started to jump.

Jared was taken aback for a moment. A sharp pain in his chest later, and the draconic essence
emerged out of him.

The draconic essence dazzled like the sun as it emitted a scorching light.

Under the radiance of this light, Jared did not dare open his eyes. His body was also stinging from the
scorching light.

Slowly, the draconic essence flew over Renee’s head, and the light enveloped her.

“What is this?”

Startled, Jared stared at Renee intently.

He saw the frost on Renee’s body begin to slowly fade under the scorching light while her skin changed
from pale to rosy.

Jared was overjoyed. Initially, he did not expect to fail in waking Renee up after so long.

However, the frost on Renee’s body disappeared immediately the moment the draconic essence

Could it be possible that Ice Dragon’s Ice Seal can only be undone by Flame Dragon?

At that moment, Jared seemed to have understood that the draconic essence was a combination of Ice
Dragon and Flame Dragon’s draconic essence.

The scorching light must have been emitted by Flame Dragon’s draconic essence.

The frost on Renee’s body completely disappeared while Jared was lost in thought. Her closed eyes
twitched before opening slowly.


Jared rushed up excitedly when he saw Renee opening her eyes.


Renee looked dazed when she saw Jared.

She couldn’t remember a thing after being frozen. She only remembered them obtaining the Ice
Dragon draconic essence on Dragon Island.

“You finally woke up. How wonderful!”

Jared looked at Renee, and tears welled up in his eyes.

Renee was at a loss at Jared’s tears. “What’s wrong, Jared? Where are we?”

Renee looked around blankly.

“We are on Dragon Island. You were frozen by that Ice Dragon’s Ice Seal,” Jared explained excitedly.

“Jared, did you get the Ice Dragon draconic essence? Where is the Ice Dragon?” Renee hurriedly
asked, having remembered what had happened.

“I have it… I have it.”

Jared nodded eagerly before stretching out his hand and slowly grabbing the draconic essence above
Renee’s head.

“Look, this is the draconic essence. This is not just the draconic essence of the Ice Dragon, but also the
draconic essence of the Flame Dragon.”

Jared handed the draconic essence to Renee.

A smile spread across Renee’s lips as she gazed at the crystal-clear draconic essence before her.
Since Jared obtained the draconic essence, her efforts have not been in vain.

But Renee did not understand why Jared still possessed the Flame Dragon draconic essence, so she
asked, “What happened, Jared? Why do you still have the Flame Dragon draconic essence?”

Jared swallowed the draconic essence before slowly recounting to Renee what had happened.

It was then Renee realized that she had been frozen for several months and that many things had
happened during that period.

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