Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1465


Meanwhile, inside the palace at Bliss City, Jared remained unconscious on the floor. After the merman
absorbed a portion of the spiritual energy available, his gaze turned sharp.

He stared at Jared, lying on the floor, and curled his lips into a smile.

“I didn’t expect to stumble upon the son of a dragon right after waking up after a few thousand years. I
must be blessed with good fortune by the heavens.”

The merman slowly walked up to Jared. His eyes shone and radiated a red glow. Then, he examined
Jared’s body like a scanner before the red glow disappeared.

“He’s just a cultivator in the Nascent Soul phase. How can the son of a dragon-like him be so weak?
Still, the draconic essence in his body is of substantial size. I’ll absorb you first before slowly recovering
my strength.”

As he spoke, the merman suddenly lunged forward in an attempt to grab Jared’s draconic essence.

Just as he was about to get his way, golden light gleamed abruptly. Immediately afterward, a silhouette
emerged from within Jared’s body.


The silhouette was gigantic, and its entire body was covered in dazzling scales. The aura it emitted
sent chills traveling down the spines of those around.

When the merman saw the silhouette’s sudden appearance, he hastily leaped backward in fright.

Terror and uneasiness filled his eyes.

“How dare a mere, foul fish like you attempt to lay a finger on this body?” the silhouette uttered frostily.

The merman’s body trembled as he got on the ground.

A look of utter disbelief spread across his face. “Y-You are dragging—”

Without waiting for the merman to finish his sentence, the silhouette casually waved its hand, sending a
wave of gentle aura in the merman’s direction.

Before the merman could dodge, he had disintegrated into nothingness as if he was never there.

The only proof of his existence was the crystal clear merman core left on the floor.

The silhouette slowly turned around and bore its eyes into Jared. Its chiseled jawline and distinctive
facial features unexpectedly shared a slight resemblance with Jared’s.

“Child, you’ll have to walk your own path from now on.”

A hint of tenderness flashed across the silhouette’s gaze.

Jared’s eyelids twitched a little as if he had sensed something, but ultimately, he did not wake up.


Bliss City continued to collapse as the deafening rumble reverberated in the air.

Following a light wave of the silhouette’s hand, Bliss City, which was initially shaking and caving in
rapidly, suddenly and incredulously ceased. Even the waves churning on the surface of the sea due to
the subsidence instantaneously died down.

Soon, the silhouette gradually dissipated as if it was never there.

Jared, still unconscious, remained ignorant of everything happening around him.

At the same time, at Jadeborough, some were thrilled while others were dejected following the end of
the Trial.

Many sects and respectable families had lost their most excellent members. Concurrently, many of
them acquired handsome rewards and large amounts of beast cores, allowing these fortunate sects
and families to train more skilled fighters.

However, the Trial had also caused the Deragon family and Warriors Alliance to be caught in a tight
spot. A few smaller sects and families were declaring and discussing a plan to condemn the Deragons
on the forum.

Meanwhile, at the Deragon residence, indescribable feelings churned within Ryker as he stared at
Edgar, who had lost an arm.

“Edgar, you were too reckless during the Trial this time. Do you realize how many new enemies you’ve
made for the Deragon family?” Ryker said to Edgar.

Many sects and prominent clans were denunciating the Deragon family. As a result, the family’s
reputation was dragged through the mud.

“Dad, we cannot bother ourselves with trivial matters if we wish to attain great success. Look at how
many beast cores I’ve brought back this time. Just think about how many capable fighters our family
can cultivate after this. Besides, with these beast cores, I am confident I can become the strongest
person in Jadeborough’s martial arts world within a short time,” Edgar announced proudly while
narrowing his eyes.

Ryker let out a sigh before saying, “Did you all witness Jared’s death then?”

“No, but the entire Dragon Island crumbled and disappeared into the sea. There’s no way Jared would
survive. It’s a pity that all the beast cores at Bliss City have gone to waste, though.”

A hint of regret flashed across Edgar’s eyes.

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