Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1533

Your True Enemy

Meanwhile, Fernando left right after sending Jared to the Department of Justice. It seemed like
Fernando wasn’t keen on meeting Arthur.

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Jared entered the Department of Justice and bumped into Theodore. It had been a long time since they
met each other in person.

“Mr. Chance!” Theodore was rather excited to see Jared appearing in the Department of Justice.

“It’s been a while, General Jackson.” Jared smiled.

“It really has. I heard that the Warriors Alliance has been causing you trouble non-stop, even sending
people out to hunt you down several times.

Why are you still in Jadeborough?” Theodore asked in confusion.

Although Theodore heard about Jared all the time, he didn’t know much about what was going on
behind the scene.

In fact, there were a lot of things that he, the general of the Department of Justice, couldn’t intervene in.

Besides, with Arthur leading the Department of Justice, Xavier would be the one attending to matters
regarding Jared. Hence, Theodore couldn’t do anything to help him.

“I came to look for Mr. Sanders,” Jared said.

“Oh, I see. Mr. Sanders is waiting for you in the main hall. I’ll bring you there.”

With that, Theodore led Jared toward the main hall.

Jared was frowning because he was baffled. What? Mr. Sanders is waiting for me? How did he know I
was coming?

Upon arriving in the main hall, Theodore excused himself tactfully.

Arthur was sitting at the head of the table and sipping his coffee while Xavier was standing nearby.

Seeing that Jared had arrived, Arthur uttered, “Have a seat.”

Jared took a seat without hesitation. Before he could utter a word, Arthur said, “If you’ve come here to
ask for help, save it.

I’m not going to step in and rescue your mother and your girlfriend. You ought to rely upon yourself if
you wish to save them.

If you aren’t capable of protecting them, perhaps having them locked up is the wiser option.”

Jared was flabbergasted. I haven’t even said anything yet. How did Mr. Sanders know what was on my

Indeed, Jared was there to ask Arthur if the latter could get the Warriors Alliance to set his girlfriend
free and also convince the Deragon family to let his mother go.

However, Jared was feeling a little awkward now because Arthur had rejected him even before he
could say anything.

“Mr. Sanders, since you’re not going to help me, could you please tell me how strong the Warriors
Alliance is exactly?

What should I do to beat them and rescue my girlfriend?” Jared had just realized that he knew too little
about the Warriors Alliance.

After so many confrontations, I understand that I’ve been underestimating them. The men they
deployed were all nothing but powerful.

Arthur kept silent and suddenly looked out the window. At that moment, his gaze looked inexplicably

Jared felt a sense of despair wash over him when he saw Arthur’s expression.

Prior to that, Arthur had always appeared calm and unfathomable.

At that precise moment, however, it was as if Jared could tell what was on Arthur’s mind. Mr. Sanders
looks helpless too.

After a long while, Arthur regained his composure and took a sip of his coffee. “You shouldn’t only focus
on the Warriors Alliance. Your true enemy is way scarier than them…”

With that, Arthur stood up and left the main hall. Meanwhile, Jared was left perplexed as he watched
Arthur leave.

Jared had no idea what Arthur meant. Why is my true enemy scarier than the Warriors Alliance? Who’s
my true enemy?

While Jared was still in a daze, Xavier walked up to him and took out a charm. The writings on the
charm were written with a cinnabar rosary. However, Jared had no idea what they meant.

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