Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1645

You Have Been Here

“I forgot. There won’t be a next time,” Tony said sheepishly with an awkward smile. Then, he turned to
look at Jared and Flaxseed. “Who are they?”

“Uncle Tony, these are my friends,” Tristan explained. “Oh, come on in then…”

Megan’s uncle hurriedly welcomed them into the house. He left after ordering the housekeeper to serve

Megan was all tuckered out from the long flight and excused herself to rest in her room, leaving Tristan
to keep Jared and Flaxseed company.

“Mr. Flaxseed, did you notice how odd the man was?” Jared asked with a thin smile.

“Yes. He is exuding devilish malice. I bet he practices Demonic Cultivation,” Flaxseed uttered plainly.
“Demonic Cultivation?” Tristan gasped.

“Tristan, who is that man? Why is he here at the Simmons residence? It seems like he has a high
position in the family too,” Jared asked.

“Mr. Chance, that is Megan’s uncle, Tony Huxley. After Megan’s father passed away, Megan inherited
all the family businesses. It has been hard for her to manage everything by herself. Incidentally, her
uncle showed up and stayed to help her out. He’s a business genius though. In just a short year, he
managed the Simmonses’ businesses well and made a lot of money. In fact, Megan plans to let him
manage the family business after we get married. After all, she will have to recuperate at Jadeborough
after giving birth. She can’t always come to Whitesea to oversee things,” Tristan replied.

“Oh. It would seem like Tony is a nice man then. Perhaps I was being too sensitive…”

Jared let down his guard after listening to Tristan. To manage the Simmonses family business for a
year and achieve such results was no easy feat. Hence, Tony must be a really capable man.

Jared and the others went to rest after chatting for a bit. Meanwhile, over a dozen men were hiding in a
room at the Simmons residence, and every single one of them exuded the aura of a Senior

To have so many Senior Grandmasters in the same place was incredible. Tony looked around before
heading inside the room. “How did it go?” a man who appeared to be the leader of the group asked.

“Go back and report to the lord that the Simmons girl has returned. The wedding ceremony will be held
in three days’ time. All prominent figures in Whitesea will be present on that day. That will be
Gutwrencher Sect’s perfect chance to dominate Whitesea. We won’t have to sneak around anymore
after that. My hard work hiding around in the Simmons family for a year will be worth it,” Tony said to
the leader of the group.

“Okay. I’ll go report to the lord now. However, you’ve got to keep an eye out if they’ve brought back
experts. Tristan is from Jadeborough, so we’ll be in trouble if he brings any of them here,” the leader
reminded Tony.

“Don’t worry. He brought back an old man and a young man, both of whom are weak and will be the
least of our concerns,” Tony said confidently.

The Simmonses were too busy organizing Megan’s wedding that they hadn’t noticed there were an
extra dozen people staying at the Simmons residence.

Jared and Flaxseed woke up early the next day after a night’s rest at the Simmons residence.

They were planning to look for the ancient ruins of Skywrath Sect.

Even though they had a map that would lead to the approximate location of the ancient ruins, it would
not be easy to locate the actual entrance.

If the entrance was easy to spot, everyone would have found the ancient ruins long ago.

Tristan couldn’t tag along as he had to take care of Megan.

However, he arranged a car for Jared and Flaxseed to use as they saw fit.

They had no trouble arriving at the approximate location of the ancient ruins following the map.

A familiar feeling overcame Jared as he looked at the towering mountains and valley.

“Could it be that the ancient ruins are at Crescent Sect?”

Jared still found the notion unbelievable.

“Have you been here before?” Flaxseed asked.

“Yes. A year ago.”

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