Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1646

Being A Bully

With entertainment amenities everywhere in sight, the Crescent Sect had become a larger tourism
establishment than it used to be a year ago.

After instructing the driver to wait, Jared led Flaxseed in. Then, he released his spiritual sense upon
entering the Crescent Sect in search of evidence. Unfortunately, he did not find anything useful despite
the distance covered.

Only several Grandmaster-ranked martial artists were among the patrons. As they walked, the pair
gradually found themselves alone. The temperature also began to plummet.

“What are you two doing? You may not go beyond this point, as danger lies ahead.” Suddenly, two men
in security uniforms appeared from either side to block Jared and Flaxseed in their path.

It was plain from a glance that they were both security guards of the resort. However, Jared noticed
something unusual about them. Why would a resort hire Grandmasters as security guards?

Jared had ascertained their strength from the moment they appeared. On the other hand, the pair knew
nothing about Jared and Flaxseed.

Due to the vast difference in their cultivation levels, they could not detect Jared’s and Flaxseed’s auras
and, as a result, assumed they were ordinary tourists.

“Pardon us. We must have gotten lost from wandering.” Jared smiled before grabbing Flaxseed and
heading back the way they came.

The guards also turned and left when Jared did.

“Are we just going to leave? There must be something strange going on in there,” Flaxseed said to

“I know that, but we cannot alarm them. The guards are obviously not employees of the resort.”

As Jared spoke, he gazed at a tall mountain nearby and, with a leap, arrived halfway up.

Being a Greater Martial Arts Marquis, scaling the precipice was as easy as walking on level ground for

“D*mn it, quit bullying me for being less skilled than you!” Flaxseed cursed as he squinted up at Jared.

Then, he produced two charms and traced the air with his finger. As one, the charms rose and brought
Flaxseed with them.

It was in this manner that the two of them ascended the mountain and circumvented the guards below.

Jared’s spiritual sense soon detected a strange energy as he and Flaxseed ventured deeper.

“There are experts here!”

Frowning, Jared quickly retracted his spiritual sense lest it drew attention.

“Many are hiding here, it seems.” Flaxseed sensed it too.

“We’ll sneak over slowly.”

With Flaxseed in the lead, Jared and he made their way forward slowly while doing their best to remain

Soon, a series of buildings came into view, with guards patrolling everywhere they looked. It appeared
they were in a sect camp.

“What the f*ck, I can’t believe it’s occupied again within just a year!”

There’s already a new master of the Crescent Sect!

However, many sects would undoubtedly vie for such a strategic site. It would have been unusual for it
to remain vacant for long.

At that moment, within the Crescent Sect, Augustus, the sect leader of the Gutwrencher Sect, was
anxiously awaiting something.

Not long after, three figures clad in black robes with a copper-colored insignia upon their chest

Augustus hastened forward to greet them.

“Greetings, sirs!” he exclaimed, falling to his knees before the Black Copper Robe members.

“Please rise. How goes the mission assigned to you?” one of them asked.

“It is complete. We are simply waiting for your inspection of the ancient ruins,” Augustus reported at

The Black Copper Robe warriors nodded with satisfaction.

As it turned out, Jared had taken away the map to the ancient ruins of Skywrath Sect. After realizing he
had been tricked, Skylar hurriedly dispatched his men to gain a head start investigating the ancient

It was common practice for the Warriors Alliance to plant sects at important ancient ruins. Thus, the
Gutwrencher Sect had been preemptively dispatched to occupy the spot.

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