Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1659

An Overnight Guest

Jared nodded and asked Fernando, “Is it impossible to travel between the eight secret realms, Mr.

“Well, not really. There are Teleportation Arrays that allow one to travel between the eight realms. But
the same person can only use the array once every three days, so not many people use it,” answered

“Why?” Jared was confused. Why wouldn’t you explore the other secret realms if the Teleportation
Array exists?

Fernando asked, “Well, Mr. Chance, would you want to find yourself stranded in a completely foreign
land? You’d have to stick around for three days, and I guarantee someone would rob you of all your
belongings if you were even in a foreign realm for just three hours.”

He smiled and continued, “Spiritual energy cultivators in secret realms share the same personalities as
the mortals you see in this world.”

Jared finally understood what Fernando was getting at. Even in secret realms, deception and scheming
were common practices among the immortal families.

He suddenly remembered his earlier encounter with Hailey as well as a group of skilled men in black
and servants.

“Mr. Gunderson, can the residents in secret realms come into the mundane world?” asked Jared.

Fernando said, “Of course. Didn’t I just come back from a secret realm myself? Still, it’s pretty
uncommon for cultivators from secret realms to enter the mundane world. Being in this space for too
long causes their abilities to remain stagnant and even deteriorate! That’s why they rarely come to the

mundane world unless they have emergencies. In fact, they would turn their noses up at most things

He added, “As the representative of the Gunderson family in the mundane world, I’ve spent a good
amount of time in this realm, which is why my abilities have never improved!”

A wry smile curved his lips. It was clear that he wished to improve his abilities, yet he could only accept
his fate of being chosen as the face of the Gunderson family in the mundane world.

Jared mulled over Fernando’s words. Indeed, the cultivators he met in the mundane world were
generally weak, yet he was an exception.

Granted, he had no idea if he would eventually hit a bottleneck in his cultivation.

If the mundane world truly limited the extent of his cultivation progress, Jared had every intention to
cultivate in a secret realm.

Sheepishly, Jared asked, “Mr. Gunderson, I have a favor to ask of you. I’m not sure if you’ll agree to my

“Fire away, Mr. Chance.” Fernando smiled encouragingly at the young man.

Jared asked cautiously, “Could you bring me to the secret realm to see these cultivator families, Mr.

He half-expected Fernando to shoot down his request.

After all, he was risking exposing Fernando’s family secret.

To his surprise, Fernando replied, “Of course. To tell you the truth, before I returned to the mundane
world, the Gunderson family’s Great Elder even reminded me to bring you for a visit to the Gunderson

family estate.”

Jared was stunned. “Mr. Gunderson, w-what’s going on? How does your family’s Great Elder know
about me?”

“Of course! I’ve reported all your achievements in the mundane world to our Great Elder, and he’s very
interested in meeting you!”

Jared never imagined Fernando would mention him to the Gunderson family’s Great Elder. After some
thought, however, he realized Fernando’s actions made perfect sense. As the family’s representative in
the mundane world, he had a clear responsibility to report all the major happenings there to his family
in the secret realm.

“When should we set off then, Mr. Gunderson?” Jared grew excited at the thought of visiting a secret

“There’s plenty of time, Mr. Chance. Why don’t you stay the night in the Gunderson residence? We can
set off tomorrow!” Fernando said to Jared.

Jared could only nod and accept the other man’s suggestion.

He smiled at the young man before shooting Astrid a knowing look. The young woman blushed as red
as a tomato.

The pair looked as though they were up to something.

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