Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1675

Are You Now Afraid

“Jared, I possess a sacred martial arts relic. You’re the one who’s going to die.” Snorting, Skylar raised
his scepter, which released a terrifying power.

Weapon in hand, he swung it in Jared’s direction, directing the powerful force at the latter.

Boom! Upon impact, the massive energy sent Jared flying, his Golem Body fading away. As the sacred
martial arts relic contained the power of a Martial Arts Saint, Jared was no match for it in his current

“Hahaha, Jared, you had better surrender obediently!” The sight of Jared being beaten back easily
triggered a maniacal laugh from Skylar.

“F*ck you!” Jared cursed, before lunging at Skylar with the Power of Dragons raging within him.

Nevertheless, his strength paled in comparison to that of a sacred martial arts relic.

Despite attacking at full strength, he was still smashed away by the scepter.

As he spewed a mouthful of blood, it was evident that he had suffered grievous injuries from the two
powerful strikes.

Looking grim, Jared rapidly adjusted the aura in his body. In spite of that, he was at his wits end in the
face of the sacred martial arts relic.

“Jared, run. Just leave me… Let me be…” Josephine yelled at the top of her voice.

She didn’t want to see Jared sacrifice his life to save her.

“Josephine, I’ll rescue you today regardless of what it takes.”

He was cognizant that once she was locked up in the dungeon, rescuing her would be a significantly
more daunting task.

Nonetheless, Jared’s efforts were being frustrated by Skylar. How can I defeat Skylar to save her?

It was then that he looked in Evangeline’s direction.

Chester mentioned before that Evangeline has the strength of a Martial Arts Saint. Perhaps she’s
capable of taking on the sacred martial arts relic Skylar is wielding.

“Evangeline, Evangeline, can you kill this kid for me?” Jared asked.

Unfortunately, she didn’t move at all. With the listless look in her eyes, it was as if his words fell on deaf

Her response, or the lack of it, filled Jared with helplessness. Despite possessing the power equivalent
to a Martial Arts Saint, she was now no different from a retard, perhaps worse. I shouldn’t delude
myself that she’s capable of helping me.

“Hahaha, Jared, are you now so afraid that you have to get a fool to fight me?”

Skylar burst into hysterical laughter.

When he laid eyes on Skylar’s deranged expression, a piercing glint flashed across Jared’s eyes.

Pulling out the Dragonslayer Sword, he knew that he had to lure Skylar away in order to save
Josephine. As long as the latter was guarding the steel cage, there was no way he could strike.

“Skylar, even though you wield a sacred martial arts relic, I’m still capable of killing you.”

Just as he spoke, Jared leaped into the air and slashed his sword at Skylar, firing a massive sword arc.

Smirking at the impending attack, Skylar brandished his scepter to unleash a powerful force to counter
Jared’s sword arc.

The next moment, all Jared felt was the approach of overwhelming power before his body was blown
far away from his previous position.

In the midst of flying backward, Jared bellowed, “Skylar, I’m going to f*cking kill you sooner or later.”

Thereafter, Jared’s figure began to distance itself in his attempt to flee.

“F*ck, how dare you escape.”

Exploding into the air, Skylar gave chase.

With the sacred martial arts relic in hand, there was no way he was going to allow Jared to flee.

However, the moment Skylar began his pursuit, Jared had already begun to circle back.

His real intention was to divert Skylar away so that he could return to rescue Josephine.

After all, it was impossible for him to leave without saving her.

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