Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1692

To Jared’s surprise, the heat seemed to reduce in intensity as they got deeper and deeper into the
molten lava. At one point, Jared even found it to be somewhat cool to the touch.

Huh? This makes no sense! We’re in molten lava! How could it possibly be cool? Wait… Not only is the
molten lava cool, but I can also breathe in it! It’s as though my body is in an enclosed space that keeps
the molten lava out!

With that in mind, Jared quickly reached out to grab hold of Evangeline. In order to prevent her from
sinking too quickly, he hugged her tightly in his arms.

As Evangeline was completely naked at the time, Jared found himself getting aroused by her body
pressing against his.

Jared quickly recited a calming incantation in his heart to suppress his urges. As he glanced about, he
realized that they were still slowly descending into the pit.

After what seemed like forever, the two of them finally stopped descending. Upon lowering his gaze,
Jared saw that they were standing on a red coffin. Huh, that’s strange… Why is there a coffin here?

That was when he felt a sudden chilling sensation coming from the coffin beneath his feet. This coffin is
covered in molten lava, so why is it emanating a chilling wave? This is really strange!

There must be some kind of magical item inside it! With Evangeline still in his arms, Jared hopped off
the coffin, only to start descending again.

In an instant, Jared quickly reached out to open the lid of the coffin and rolled inside with Evangeline. It
all happened so quickly that he didn’t have the time to take a look before he was inside.

Had they not done so, they would’ve continued descending into the seemingly bottomless pit.

Jared and Evangeline were enveloped by icy- cold air the moment they entered the coffin. In just a few
seconds, a thin layer of frost had formed on their skin.

After taking a closer look at the inside of the coffin, Jared saw that they were standing on the skeletal
remains of a corpse. In the spot where the skull should be, was a shiny pearl the size of a thumb.

The chilling waves are coming from that pearl! What exactly is it? As Jared picked up the pearl out of
curiosity, he instantly felt an icy-cold sensation sweeping across his body and chilling him to the bone.

He was so fixated on examining the pearl that he didn’t notice Evangeline’s dull eyes come back to life.
The empty look on her face disappeared as she examined her body in interest.

This sure is a strange pearl! Will I be immune to fire if I swallow it? With that in mind, Jared held the
pearl up to his mouth.

Evangeline quickly snatched it from him and yelled, “Hey, that pearl belongs to me! Don’t you dare
swallow it, you b*stard!” Jared stared at her in shock for a few seconds before letting out a confused

“Aaaaaahhhhhh!” Unsure of the reason behind Jared’s scream, Evangeline decided to follow suit and
screamed along with him. “Y-You’ve recovered?” Jared asked while staring at her in disbelief.

“What are you talking about? Stop staring at me, you pervert!” Evangeline exclaimed while covering his
eyes with her hands.

Jared pulled her hands off his face and grabbed her shoulders as he asked, “How did you regain your
consciousness? Do you not remember me anymore?”

“I don’t even know you, so what is there for me to remember? Now, quit staring and give me your
clothes!” Evangeline exclaimed shyly. Jared then took off his shirt and draped it around her shoulders.

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