Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1738

There was no way Kazuo would let Jared get the beast core. His katana glowed brilliantly as he flicked
his right arm to attack Jared with his destructive power.

Jared was just about to grab the beast core when a barrage of powerful, murderous attacks came flying
toward him. Not wanting to risk a fight, he quickly backed away.

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Boom, boom! The attacks caused a barrage of explosions around Jared, sending rocks cascading
down. the mountains and creating fissures in the ground.

Jared’s heart filled with fear when he saw the destruction caused by Kazuo’s attack. Thankfully, he
didn’t try to block it in order to get the beast core, or else he would have been dead by now.

“I must get the beast core today!” Jared stared at the beast core resolutely and swung his Dragonslayer
Sword. A golden glow soared into the air and bolted. toward Kazuo menacingly.

At the same time, Jared sprinted toward the beast core. “Ha! You’ve overestimated yourself,” Kazuo
mocked in disdain.

He swiftly swished his katana. Jared’s attack was swiftly nullified. Following that, a swarm of crescent-
shaped blades materialized before him.

They were sharp and zipped toward him menacingly. Seeing that, Jared dared not go any further and
backed away almost immediately.

However, the blades were too swift for Jared to dodge. He had no choice but to clench his jaw and
activate the power of Golem Body to the maximum in order to survive.

He didn’t forget to avoid the blades deftly. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh! The blades slashed across
Jared’s body, cutting his clothes into shreds.

Gold scales fell off his body and disappeared into thin air. Despite having Golem Body as a shield, he
was still seriously hurt by the strikes. As a result, his Golem Body was severely damaged.

Jared gazed at the cuts on his body, his expression solemn. “He’s too fast,” he muttered. “His
technique is really peculiar.”

Kazuo’s lips formed a cruel smirk as he looked over Jared’s damaged clothing and injuries. “I have
warned you, haven’t I? You can’t compete with my katana skill. I’m much better than Jun, who is a
complete fool. If you sacrifice your soul willingly, I will save you from further suffering. Otherwise, you’ll
have to experience unbearable agony.”

“F*ck you! If I were to sacrifice you, will you willingly agree?” Jared hissed. Deep within, he was
devising a plan to get away with the precious beast core. Therefore, he was stubborn and refused to
give up.

Kazuo’s eyes twitched as his fury kicked in. “I gave you a chance, but you didn’t appreciate it!” “Stop
talking nonsense! You might be skilled in katana, but I’m a skilled swordsman, too!” Jared declared.

As he spoke, the initially damaged Golem Body recovered completely, its body glowing with restored
power. His aura reached its maximum as well.

Jared knew he had to give it his all to defeat Kazuo When the Power of Dragons imbued Dragonslayer
Sword, it gave off a perpetual glow and let out an awe-inspiring roar that could be heard as far away as
the sky. As Jared looked up, he saw a magnificent golden dragon circling above his head.

The golden dragon was strong and powerful. This time, Jared had put in all his effort, determined to get
the legendary beast core. If he succeeded, it would surely be worth it!

Kazuo narrowed his eyes. “Do you really believe you can alter your fate by transforming into a golden

With a powerful slash of his katana, he sent multiple strikes flying toward Jared. This time, Jared didn’t
dodge his attacks. Instead, he held his sword and brandished it forcefully. “Nine Shadows Godly

The golden dragon roared and surged forward. Jared quickly activated his Golem Body to its fullest
capacity and went after it.

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