Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1757

No one saw how the blood demon moved. It disappeared in a flash, as though it had just teleported.

“Ah!” The Black Copper Robe warriors scowled at the sight before dashing toward the blood demon all
at once. They knew the only way to survive would be to fight for their lives.

More than ten Black Copper Robe warriors dashed toward the blood demon, but with every furious
swipe, the blood demon slapped their souls out of them so hard that they ceased to exist altogether.

In the blink of an eye, none of the Black Copper Robe warriors were left. Even their remains were
nowhere to be found.

Jake’s expression grew darker than ever as he witnessed everything unfold before him. He tightened
his grip on the scepter. With how things are going, this scepter is my best chance at survival. This is,
after all, a sacred martial arts relic. Even if it can’t be used against the blood demon, I’m confident to
escape unscathed as long as I have this scepter with me!

“Do you want to negotiate or not? Let my girlfriend go, and I may spare your life,” Jared said to Jake.

“As I said, I don’t have the authority to let your girlfriend go. I’m telling you, you wouldn’t be able to
open the dungeon even if you killed me, anyway, Jake said impassively. “Since you are of no use to
me, you shall die.”

Jared shot a look at the blood demon, who began ambling toward Jake. “Lest you forget, I am armed
with a sacred martial arts relic.”

At that, Jake’s aura seeped into the scepter, which began to glow and emit a terrifying aura. The hall
was filled with terrifying pressure induced by the Martial Arts Saint aura gathering within the scepter.

Unable to withstand the pressure, Jared’s legs began trembling before he finally fell to his knees. The
sight of Jared kneeling filled Jake with confidence.

“You treated this scepter with disdain previously. Now you know the full extent of its power.” Jake
sneered before raising the scepter high above his head.

In an instant, gush after gush of horrific aura

spilled unceasingly outward. Then, a blinding blast of light burst forth from the tip of the scepter, aiming
directly at the blood demon.

Jared was instantly sent flying by the blinding light. Surprisingly, he was completely incapable of
defending himself in the face of the sacred martial arts relic.

At that moment, he became aware of the true extent of a Martial Arts Saint’s power. That was only a
sliver of the aura released by the sacred martial arts relic. The power of an actual Martial Arts Saint
would be unimaginable.

Jared’s brows creased with anxiety as he remembered Gilbert’s warning about the existence of a
Martial Arts Saint in the Warriors Alliance.

It was fortunate that his blood demon could hold its own against Jake. Otherwise, Jared would not have
stood a chance against the sacred martial arts relic.

The blood demon ignored the light emitting. from the scepter and the repeated blasts of power striking
its hide. The attack felt like mere tickles against the blood demon’s unusually sturdy flesh.

Arriving before Jake, the blood demon swung its claw at him. Jake roared with shock and rage, and the
scepter in his hand glowed even brighter.

The blood demon was still unfazed by the light. It struck the scepter and the power exuding from it was
instantly destroyed. Jake felt as if his arms were broken, and the scepter flew out of his grasp.

At the disappearance of the Martial Arts Saint’s horrifying power, Jared leaped to his feet and dashed
toward the scepter. The sight of Jared’s determination to obtain the

scepter filled Jake with panic, but as his only choice against the blood demon was to flee, he was
forced to abandon the scepter. While Jake turned and ran, Jared picked up the scepter and launched a
blast of Martial Arts Saint’s power at his quarry.

Jake sensed an ominous aura closing in on him. from behind, and before he could react, the force sent
him flying into the air. He fell heavily onto the ground and spewed blood incessantly, apparently having
sustained serious injuries.

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