Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1790

Jared and Gilbert’s conversation infuriated the two men in black. “You two Chanaeans had better get
out of my sight. Otherwise, you won’t be leaving here

alive,” one of them threatened with a murderous look. Anne, too, turned toward Jared. “Jared, don’t get
involved. You better leave with your friend. These men are really strong.”

“To be honest, I curious to see for myself how strong they are.” Cracking a smile, Jared gave Gilbert a
look. Gilbert nodded in acknowledgment before leaping into the air toward the two men.

“Jared, you’re no match against them. They’re Martial Arts Marquises. You should run…” Anne cried
out when she saw Gilbert make his move.

However, the moment Anne finished, two agonized screams rang out. Both men were covering their
eyes with their hands while four bloody eyeballs could clearly. be seen on the snow-covered ground.

At the same time, blood was gushing out through the gaps between the fingers of the two men. The
gruesome sight stupefied Anne.

“Since your eyes aren’t much of a use, I might as well remove them for you,” Gilbert sneered.
Meanwhile, the other two men in black who were engaged in battle with Andrew hurried over upon
hearing the screams.

Their departure brought relief upon Andrew, who had reached his limit with his entire body covered in
wounds. By the time the two men arrived, they were utterly shocked by their compatriots’ empty eye

Given that the four of them knew each other’s strengths like the back of their hands, they recognized
that whoever could instantaneously dig out their compatriots’ eyes had to bet significantly more
powerful than they were.

As a result, the two men helped their wounded compatriots up and fled. “How dare you try and

Gilbert lunged forward to stop them. With his fingers curled into claws, he dug the eyes of the other two
men out, triggering another round of harrowed cries.

At that moment, the four men in black had been blinded. Continuing to scream from the excruciating
pain, they fumbled around aimlessly and before crashing into one another.

Meanwhile, Anne and Andrew were stunned by Gilbert’s magnificent display of skill. Upon Gilbert’s
return, Anne couldn’t help but ask, “Jared, who is your friend? Why is he so powerful?”

Jared chuckled in response. “He’s just a Top. Level Martial Arts Marquis who has failed to achieve
Greater Martial Arts Marquis.”

His words caused Gilbert to feel embarrassed, for the latter had been unable to do so despite trying for
twenty years.

If anyone had made that comment about him, he would definitely have been outraged, but there were
no hard feelings when Jared made it.

After all, it only took Jared slightly more than a year to become a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. His
outstanding talent and mind-blowing strength had earned Gilbert’s utmost respect.

As for Anne and Andrew, both of them were filled with admiration and disbelief upon learning that
Gilbert was a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis.

Even though Andrew was a Martial Arts Marquis, he had only recently achieved that level. A long path
still lay ahead of him before he could reach Top Level Martial Arts Marquis.

Soon, Anne sensed that something was amiss and asked Jared curiously, “When you mentioned that
he was only a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis, you didn’t sound impressed at all. How powerful are

“Me? I’m a fifth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis,” Jared replied with a smile.

“You must be boasting. How can someone as young as you be a fifth Level Greater Martial Arts
Marquis? Weren’t you just a Senior Grandmaster a year ago?”

Anne didn’t believe Jared at all, for there was no way he could have made such a huge leap in a such
short time.

This is impossible! Even Andrew, who could cultivate at great speed due to him being a Werebear, took
a year to elevate himself from Martial Arts Grandmaster to Martial Arts Marquis. On top of that, he
consumed immense cultivation resources during the same period. So, how can an ordinary person like
Jared make so much progress so quickly?

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