Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1812

Jared and the others suddenly felt waves of energy rushing at them, causing Joel and Danny to instantly
collapse to the ground as they could not withstand the might of such a powerful arcane array.

When Omar saw Joel falling to the ground, he started laughing hysterically. “You useless blind old man! I
can't believe you had the audacity to come here instead of living out your elderly years at Flaming Sect.”

The latter trembled with anger from the insult but could do nothing because the terrifying energy had
immobilized him.

In contrast, Jared merely smirked in response to Omar's maniacal behavior. “Do you think a little arcane
array can stop me?”

As he said that, the Dragonslayer Sword suddenly appeared in his hand, and as soon as he raised it in
the air, his terrifying spiritual energy surged exponentially.

“Break!” Jared roared.

Following that, a terrifying and ferocious aura instantly emanated from his body.

Despite the arcane array that was separating them from Jared and company, Omar and the others could
still feel the waves of imposing energy lingering in the air.

Incredulity could be seen in Omar's gaze. After all, he was a Werebear with the strength of a Martial Arts
Marquis. His kind was superior to the average person, be it in strength or physique.

Although the Mountain Defense Formation was between them, Jared's terrifying aura seemed
unhindered by it.

As Omar looked on in bewilderment, Jared swung his Dragonslayer Sword.


The earth-shattering noise was followed by the trembling of the entire mountain, while Jared's strike
caused the arcane array to glow with streams of light and the glass-like shield to show fine fissures.

With that single strike, the energy coming from the Mountain Defense Formation instantly vanished,
allowing Danny and Joel to slowly get up from the ground.

Omar widened his eyes in utter disbelief at the sight of the cracks in the arcane array. After all, it had
taken him a whole month and the depletion of countless crystals to set it up.

Alex once claimed that not even hundreds of thousands of Martial Arts Marquis experts would be able to
break it by force as it was impregnable.

But a single strike from this person has made the arcane array full of cracks!

At that moment, Omar was significantly less confident than when he first showed up.

Not only did he not know whether the arcane array could withstand another strike, but he was also
unsure whether he could defeat the young man before him.

Just as Omar's imagination began to run wild, Jared once again raised his Dragonslayer Sword, which
had a golden dragon swirling around it. The next moment, he swung the blade, and the dragon attacked
with a roar.


The golden dragon turned into light specks and disappeared upon hitting the arcane array, which also
vanished from the impact.

Omar stared at the scene before him with his mouth agape in shock.

Ignoring the stunned Omar, Jared marched toward Andrew with a livid expression, grabbed his collar,
and lifted him off the ground.

“Take me to Anna. If anything happens to her, you know the consequences...”

He let go of Andrew as soon as he finished speaking, causing the latter to fall to the ground.

Despite keeping silent, Andrew stood up, turned around, and headed toward the entrance of the ancient

Omar was indignant when Jared ignored him because he had never experienced such disregard and
humiliation as the warrior who carried the highest prestige among all Werebears.

“How dare you ignore me, brat? Do you think I'm afraid of you...”

As he spoke, Omar launched a strike at Jared.

He exerted his full strength because he was aware of Jared's considerable power, striking with a force
that represented his Werebear warrior status.

Jared furrowed his brows slightly. Without even sparing Omar a glance, he thrust his palm to meet the
former's attack.

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